Every Outfit

Yet Another Hotline Episode

November 25, 2022 Every Outfit Season 1 Episode 95
Every Outfit
Yet Another Hotline Episode
Show Notes

It's a holiday week, so the ladies are taking your calls. From capsule wardrobes, to Italian Ouisplotation a.k.a Ciaoplotation, Lindsay Lohan's forgotten tenure at Ungaro, surviving long distance relationships - they cover all your quandaries. As well as dive into this week's hottest topics like Balenciaga's perverted teddy bear and Raf Simons shuttering his label.

See the perverted Balenciaga teddy bears and the controversial handbag image

Raf’s final Jil Sander collection

Our list of favorite films about glamorous women having nervous breakdowns:
Woman Under The Influence, Opening Night, Black Swan, Ms. 45, Sunset Blvd., Gaslight, Safe, Images, 3 Women

See Lindsay Lohan’s first and second Ungaro collections

Watch the
John Oliver SVU segment 

Listen to
Taylor Swift’s Lavender Haze

Chelsea on Intern Files (skip to the 40 second mark to see Chelsea’s appearance)

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