Every Outfit

On The Darkest Month in Fashion

December 06, 2022 Every Outfit Season 1 Episode 96
Every Outfit
On The Darkest Month in Fashion
Show Notes

After a slight delay, the ladies are back to discuss all that they missed. Topics include: their feature in The New Yorker, Alessandro Michele abrupt departure from Gucci, reasons for leaving, who should take over, and what’s next for Alessandro. A deep dive into Balenciaga-gate: from bungled statements, conspiracy theories, and the continued fallout. Kimye’s divorce finalized, the disappointing Kardashians finale, Kim wearing a Bjork shirt, AND SO MUCH MORE!

See your girls in The New Yorker

Read Alessando Michele’s Instagram post

See the controversial Balenciaga bear photos 

See the handbag photo

See the Michaël Borremans / Isabelle Huppert campaign (also here are examples of his work)

See a freaky TikTok about the dates on the wall in the “objects” campaign 

See the BAAL tape

See the freaky “BAAL is king” TikTok

See Steven Meisel’s 1995 “basement porn” campaign

See Business of Fashion’s Instagram post 

See Kim Kardashian’s tweet thread 

Read the harrowing New York Times article “The Internet Is Overrun With Images of Child Sexual Abuse. What Went Wrong?” 

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See Kim Kardashian’s Bjork T-shirt

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