Every Outfit

On Aidan 3.0, Miley Cyrus, Men's Fashion Week

January 20, 2023 Every Outfit Season 1 Episode 103
Every Outfit
On Aidan 3.0, Miley Cyrus, Men's Fashion Week
Show Notes

The ladies are back to discuss the return of Aidan, the reason they don't fuck with him, Miley Cyrus' new music video 'Flowers,' celebrity misinformation, that Aaron Taylor Johnson/Joey King rumor, Lauren breaks down the Critics Choice Award winners and gives her Oscar picks, Cate Blanchett's "fuck award shows" speech, the Cold Stone Creamery step and repeat, Men's Fashion Week, Ye's new bride, AND SO MUCH MORE!

See Tracey Emin’s My Bed

See that photo of Carrie and Aidan

See Carrie (and Chelsea’s) Christian Dior Evening Cape

Watch Miley Cyrus’ Flowers Video

Watch Cate Blanchett’s Critic’s Choice Speech

Fashion Shows 

Saint Laurent



Martine Rose

JW Anderson

See Andre Leon Tally’s Estate Sale

See Kanye’s new wife

See Kim’s new necklace

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