Every Outfit

Oscar Noms & Hotline Calls

January 27, 2023 Every Outfit Season 1 Episode 104
Every Outfit
Oscar Noms & Hotline Calls
Show Notes

The ladies are back to discuss the Academy Award nominations and take your calls. From Kylie Jenner’s lion head stunt at Schiaparelli to Aidan smoking (?!?!) and Nancy Meyer’s kitchen - we get into it all!

Read about the Oscar Nominations 

See the Schiaparelli Collection  

See Chanel’s Lion Head 

See Kylie Jenner, Marisa Berenson, and Doja Cat at Schiaparelli 

Watch Carrie and Aidan Together Again 

See the book Carrie’s bus billboard is based on 

Watch Donald Trump give Cynthia Nixon an Emmy 

See Nancy Meyer’s Kitchen and House

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