Passing the Mic
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Faith For Work
Passing the Mic
Oct 24, 2023 Season 3 Episode 10
Biblical Business Training

For the past six years, Jordan Dollar has served as the BBT Coach, guiding and equipping our group leaders to build community and apply Biblical principles at work as they study the Bible together. In this podcast, we say ‘farewell’ to Jordan, as he passes the Coach’s and Podcast-host torch to his predecessor Jarrod (Jay) Strydom! Jay, a South African native who recently relocated to the United States with his family, shares BBT’s passion for working at the intersection of business and ministry and looks forward to impacting BBT’s business leaders with his ministry background and strong corporate experience. In “Passing the Mic,” Jay and Jordan remind us that life is a journey filled with beginnings and ends, but obedience to God will lead to unexpected and rewarding destinations. Welcome Jay, and thank you Jordan for your faithful service to BBT!   

About Jay

Personable, quick thinking, and versatile Jay brings passionate leadership skills to further the global expansion of BBT’s mission. He joined the team in 2023 after moving to the US from South Africa where he led a non-profit village for orphaned and vulnerable children. Born and raised in South Africa, Jay brings a global perspective and knowledge of multiple languages that will further support the BBT community. Jay has a MBA - Jack Welch Management Institute and a bachelor’s in theology - South African Theological Seminary. His strength in sharing the “why” encourages those with whom he works to love learning like he does and be inspired to expand their perspectives.

Jay, his wife and son are now living in Hot Springs, Arkansas and continue to adjust to life in the States.

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Biblical Business Training (“BBT”) equips busy, working people to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and empowers them in small-group Bible study settings to apply Biblical principles to their every day lives - especially in the workplace. BBT is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization which exists to help people develop their Christian “Faith for Work – Leadership for Life!”