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Episode-14 MDMA For Research??
July 26, 2018 Darian Jackson/Jonah Jackson
The Darian Jackson Show

Episode-14 MDMA For Research??

Darian Jackson/Jonah Jackson

In this episode I have my brother on and we talk about the new research that is going on for the illegal drug MDMA
In this episode I have my brother on and we talk about the new research that is going on for the illegal drug MDMA

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:01We are live. All right. Thank you. Uh, today's podcast is brought to you by Get a free audio book download and Thirty Day free forward slash d Jackson show. The link will also be in the description has over 180,000 titles to choose from. You can listen from anywhere and from any device. It's as simple as choosing the book you want and boom, instantly you will be engaged by the best voices in the industry for that free trial of mine. That link once again is Forward Slash Dean Jackson show. Well, I have over here a special guests over here. I have them via skype call. I have my one, my only younger brother, Gentleman Jackson on the non the podcasts. So, uh, we have him over here. Uh, I have them over here for a particular reason. I was wanting to talk to him about a couple of different things over here.

Speaker 1:0:58Um, I've been doing a lot of research with a couple things and he has more of a, uh, opinion on a couple of different matters that, uh, when I was wanting to again on the podcast over here. So, uh, thank you for joining the podcast. Glad to be here. So, um, I was actually surprised I got this skyfall set up over here for a podcast and I got the settings just right where it sounds actually pretty, pretty crystal clear on our side over here. So it will actually make for a good podcast over here. It's a lot better than instagram will live, I would say. Yeah. Last time I tried to do on instagram live it was like I could halfway here yet I had to do a lot of audio training and stuff over there with it. So I had to read doctor it up because I couldn't hear you on here.

Speaker 1:1:45So this one will make it sound a lot better on this side of things over here. But for starters though, uh, I was just, uh, I was scrolling through the Internet just going through a whole bunch of different articles and stuff like that and uh, started coming across a new study that I was a rather interested in, uh, where people are trying to use a mdm may, which is a ecstasy molly type stuff, uh, the, the drug and they are using it for more ptsd relief. Um, so they have people who are having extreme ptsd and they're using this illegal drug making in the lab of course, a of their own and trying to administer it in a way where they can use it in more of a therapeutic session. So, uh, what do you think about that? And that's pretty crazy, right?

Speaker 1:2:39If it's being used in therapy sessions or just medication. Yeah. So it's actually, it's a, it's a therapy session. So A, they'll get, uh, the drug. It's not like they're going to be taken at home or anything like that. There'll be getting the drug, getting it and ministered while they're there. And then having the psychiatrist there for them and kind of talk them through while they're kind of going up on this kind of high, I guess that they have over there and hopefully you can help them through. And then they administered it like every, like two months or something like that for a little bit of time. And it's actually been rather positive. It's ripping people out of these uh, ptsd problems and they come, come home with, you know,

Speaker 2:3:22that I believe is because when you take x, molly or anything like that, you start to fill a, a immense feeling of like closeness to the people around you. So if you were talking to a psychiatrist and they were to administer this, you would feel you would be really easy for you to talk to them. You would feel a lot closer to them even if you don't know them. And so at that point I could see that it could help them therapy session.

Speaker 1:3:48Right. And then also just like with any kind of drug inhibits you and it kind of makes you almost like a kid again in a sense where like, you know, you're just, you're full of wonder. And at the same time though, you know, kids can't lie worth Shit, you know. And I've found that with like any kind of drugs when you, when you are on it or doing anything that you can't like, just lie like that easy, you know, you, you're very much you. And in a sense, especially with like a drug like Mtma

Speaker 2:4:22that's definitely true. That's why people end up doing things that they believe are, you know, that, you know, people always say, oh it was just the drugs. But honestly like that's the real them, you know, that's the filter without their math. So things that people do when they're on things like MDM or you know, cocaine or even when you're drunk or things that you probably want to do but don't do.

Speaker 1:4:49That's why I've, I've seen before too where, you know, people would drink quite a bit. They get really racist really to really quick, you know, where they stay crazy racial slurs and stuff like that and it's like you would never hear him say that to begin with, but you can kind of see it come out of them

Speaker 2:5:05when they don't give a care anymore. You know, that's very true. And you know, like people get very slanderous because they, you know, they're, they're not scared of what you're thinking work is that philanthropic causes of think about what you're thinking. But at that point in time they think only about what they're thinking and feeling. Right. So they no longer care but they feel more expressive as well. And that's the problem is that they don't care about the people around them but they're openly expressing everything they're thinking

Speaker 1:5:39and that's, that's a good thing for us as a therapy session. You know, where you can actually be. I mean you can just bring it all out over there. But then, I mean for, I mean recreational use that we've had it for a long time over here with like the party scene type drug thing. You know, where people take it. And then they just go out and I'm like that the amount of danger that comes just with that alone going out on a drug like that, that you know you can be easily persuaded to do something really Shitty, you know?

Speaker 2:6:12That's ridiculous man. At parties, people look for people that are on drugs like that they even handed out to people that they know have lost them money. Say You bring $200 with you, will they want your $200? And they are like, hey man, you want to pop in Mtma they're not doing it. So they know that you're going to be so happy and so excited that you're going to buy drinks for everybody the whole night. They, they use you in a way that makes you feel like you're not you. You want to do it because you feel so sentimental on these drugs.

Speaker 1:6:42Oh yeah. That's the scariest part about it. And then it seemed like at one point we were getting some, some chemists that actually knew how to do a lot of things back in the day, like right in the seventies and early eighties over there. Where everyone was making lsd at, Roland was experimenting with all these different kinds of drugs and they was so prevalent. Likewise, there's a lot of it out there, but it seemed to dry it up a little bit in the sense of not as many people know how to make it. Not Too many people are pushing it and then it's not like a governmental type thing that, that, uh, they've, they've gone through. So like with Lsd, um, it's very difficult to get a good a strain of Mgma and, you know, like you can't get a good batch of it at all because there's always. Now these,

Speaker 2:7:29uh, was it, uh, different things they put inside of it that's not really Mtma. There is a very dangerous thing actually giving people instead of Mgma, which, uh, I think it's called PMA. And uh, I had an experience where I got one and um, it made me feel super good for 30 minutes, but it wore off immediately, which is weird because a molly or next last three to six hours. Well, after that, my chest started to beat so hard that I felt like I was going to have a heart attack temperature spike. I was running a fever, had to go to the hospital, um, the, this drug actually killed a bunch of people and uh, they're, they're using it instead of molly because it's a lot easier to make and it's so much cheaper and you know, little small doses do, do the job.

Speaker 1:8:27And that's the hardest part about it nowadays is that you are not getting, you know, when you're getting something off of the street, those people don't give a crap about you to begin with, you know. And so as long as they're getting their quick buck over there, they're not over. They're administering, you know, uh, you know, they can be like, oh, this is 100 percent, this is when they can't do that. They have to mix it with other stuff in there and they can be mixing it with everything from. What was it like cocaine to methamphetamine. Like math is actually really tough one for anyone that takes any kind of Mgma. Molly type stuff is they like to a diluted with math because it's an easy fix. It's cheap

Speaker 2:9:06and people honestly mistaken it and don't even realize that they took meth instead. I, uh, first time I had molly, it wasn't even a molly, it was a methamphetamine and a capsule who was a clear capsule and they just filled it with crystal meth. And uh, I took it and cleaned like crazy for the next 12 hours I was up and, you know, like I had no clue. And then, you know, like until I took them all in the next time, I didn't know that that was methamphetamines that I had actually done that day. And uh, you know, it was sold so cheaply with $10 a calf in on. They supposedly the purist and you know, they tell you all these things,

Speaker 1:9:48maybe it's their money, you know,

Speaker 2:9:51and that, that amount of methamphetamine, it was, you know, it was a nice capsule size. That amount of methamphetamines for a first time user could actually cause severe problems. And they handed it to me like it was candy, you know, they don't care.

Speaker 1:10:06And that's the thing about it too, and then the worst part about it is how appealing it is to kids and stuff over here in the, in the electrode, electro dance, music, techno like party kind of vibe where it's just like, you know, all these, these functions that people go to, they are, they know what's what's prevalent among all of them and it's always going to be Mtma molly ecstasy, you know?

Speaker 2:10:34Yeah. You're actually safer buying from a dealer then going to a party and buying from a dealer because those dealers don't have to tell you their names. They, they're handing out whatever they get. And the thing about that is you'll never see them again. They're not accountable for it. So they're not worrying about what they're giving you. And people make the mistake of buying at parties. You want to buy from a dealer because he knows that if you die, that he could be held responsible. So He's more likely to not give you something that's bad. But if you buy from somebody who's at a party handing out 80 or so pills, he doesn't care. He doesn't know you, you don't know his name, you've seen him one time, you probably never see him again.

Speaker 1:11:16Exactly what I think it was just an interesting about at least the Mvma, the legality of it could be changing in a sense where it's not going to be classified in the same classification, which I could foresee being maybe a bigger problem to like, you know, where they're using it for therapy sessions, but I mean, how many people are gonna say they're using it for a certain situation and you know, then have pure, pure stuff on the market. Again, Hannah,

Speaker 2:11:47I would rather have the pure stuff out on the market though. Then people keep on trying to take the bad pills. Like I don't know, the argument is that, you know, we would have less ods and we would have less problems if we legalize these drugs because it would be pure forums like down here in Arkansas, they make methamphetamine with gasoline and instead of, instead of being able to make it out of, you know, the, uh, they make it out of. Yeah. So they, they don't, they're causing the problem. And, you know, the drug using is the problem, but it's never going to change. And uh, I, I think legalizing things like that will lead to less death. The more drug use,

Speaker 1:12:38the thing about it also with these big old raves and techno parties and stuff like that. Um, they're actually starting a handout where they will test your Mtma on the spot for you. They know you're going to have it. And they said it's a little tense inside there now where they may go anonymous anonymously and to say if it's real or not, you buy an extra pill, you pop it over there. And I really, really think that. I mean that right there kind of shows where were we are, you know, and they can get every single person that comes through that tent, you know,

Speaker 2:13:17it's better that they do that because, you know, like we have the big vans warped tour, right. And uh, it's only a bunch of teenagers. So the thing is people are handing out LSD strips, right? Well, the thing is about lsd strips is not a lot of people have actual assets and they're using, they're using, they're not even classified drugs, like I wouldn't even be able to tell you what they are, but they're just different mixtures of stuff and like they call them party drugs and stuff like this and you know, they don't have lsds same effects. They can affect you in crazy ways and uh, they just hand them out like candy over there and you know, if they would advance, you know, they don't tolerate drugs at all and a tour. That's why people have a lot of problems with the drugs there is because there's no way to test it. And they tried to crack down so hard that only the bad shit. And uh, I, I'm way more for people testing it if they have the testing stations. That is like a great idea.

Speaker 1:14:26I know, that's what I thought too when I read it and I watched a guy on youtube called psych substance. He's, he's pretty good on there. But when I was watching him, he just, he pulls on all of his youtube videos, Yom for harm reduction type stuff, but he also talks about, you know, just testing everything, all the substances that are going through there and like they sell test kits said that people could easily just quickly and quickly assess what they have in their hands. You know,

Speaker 2:14:57I mean, you could buy one, you can buy them in the smoke shop sometimes. So like, you know, it's, it's,

Speaker 1:15:02that's available accurate though.

Speaker 2:15:05Not, not necessarily, but you know, they have, they have pretty good ones up in this boat shop, Bam. Like, you know, you drop it in this container and if it changes to this color, you know, what you have and uh, people are just not willing to do that. They just act like they don't care. And it's because they've never had to see somebody have an odd. And you know, like I've seen an before and I, and that, that kind of changes your perspective because, you know, that could be me rolling my eyes back foaming, you know what I mean? Just so off of, you know, a non lethal dose of what you thought was a good drug. Right.

Speaker 1:15:45Right. And then like I don't get like how like pills and in the industry and everything like that. Like how it can be so they can be so strong. You know, like if someone gave you some adderall that was like very beginning adderall it would be. And then they gave you the 100, like a huge amount. Like you, you can't tell it's one pill, the same pill, you know? And if you're dumb you can be taken way more than you should. Or even like Percocet, you know, they have it where people get so high up in the milligrams. Like if someone took like an 80 milligram percocet, you know?

Speaker 2:16:23Yeah. It's, they die in the down here in Arkansas the biggest thing is fentanyl patches. Yes. They hand them out like candy and a fat is very dangerous but they're not using. The patches are doing something called freebasing and when you free base you are getting so close to dying. It's like it would be the same as, you know, sticking to needles, a pair of freaking arm and just shooting up all at once like you. It's just an insane amount of opioid abuse and they hand them out and the way they assess it, they say, how many times a day do you feel pain? Oh, okay. So you can tell them you I have backaches eight times a day. Okay. So you get this many patches. Just like, uh, with my anxiety medicine, I'm taking a Benzo right now for my anxiety. They said how many panic attacks you have a day? I have three panic attacks a day. Well they said just in case we're going to give you 90 pills. They gave me 90. They allow it to be math sol cause you know, like what if I didn't have that? What if I just have one panic attack a day and a panic attack. Suddenly they can access that. You actually have. I could just be saying I have panic attacks in the selling these like crazy. I have 90 of these right now.

Speaker 1:17:50Right. And then you can be, I mean, for how much you're getting them from like a pharmacy, you're, you

Speaker 2:17:56on Medicaid. Yeah.

Speaker 1:17:59But then after that you can turn around and sell those for like what, four or five bucks a pill.

Speaker 2:18:04Oh yeah. Easily. And you know, and that's exactly what people are doing. And those Betanol patches are going like 40 bucks a patch and a medicaid pays for it all, you know, all of my prescriptions altogether cost $2 and fifty cents for three different prescription. They're using the insurance to fuel their drug dealing. And it's insane because, you know, we've all, we pay for that. And people that like me, like they didn't want to give it to me because I had a past of drug. Right? Because the thing is that's because people who have had to pass the drug use are more likely to sell their prescriptions all. And uh, you know, like, what if I did this and then, you know, I, I don't use drugs anymore but uh, I need it. And I needed help. And they denied me help just because these people are selling and it causes problems because they can't, they want to help you, but at the same time they're not trying to kill these people because you know, they're handing out all these medicines to different people and they're willing to trade it. Like, you know, I worked with a man who get roxies and a roxy is a very, very strong pain medication. I tell him my back hurt yesterday and he's like, you want to roxy? That's the thing is there people are just not even just dealing. Give it to you. And a roxy is one of the most powerful freaking. It's like a percocet man, like Yo put you out. And I'm just like, I have a backache. I'm not dying. I don't need that.

Speaker 1:19:43Exactly. And that's the thing too is just like, it's so like the only way I've ever had I've ever been able to get my hands on any add medication. I don't want to go to a doctrine and prescribe myself or add medication and I just like to be high sometimes, you know. And so when, if I would have adderall or anything like Ritalin or something, all I would do is go over and a weight around some, some women over there that have all these prescriptions and then they just handed out like candy to all their friends, man.

Speaker 2:20:17They really do like the problem is those are medications specifically for people and uh, if it's not specified for you, people diagnosed themselves, there'll be like, oh I have add or I have adhd and they haven't been to a doctor. So you don't know if you have add or Adhd at this point. And so. And that's the thing is they don't get diagnosed and they try to self medicate. So you, they mess up on two points. They're not helping themselves and they can make their problems worse that way. And the same thing with marijuana. People think that they can self medicate with marijuana. I'm completely against that. I have been advocated a bear Awana, but I do not think anyone can self medicate the street. You cannot say I'm smoking this for my anxiety because you don't know if you're getting sativa, indica, hybrid. You're not getting what you need. It's not prescribed to you is. It's not medication druggies. It's just simple druggies.

Speaker 1:21:26That's the only people in their drug abuse, drug use and drug abuse. There's two different things then. But uh, you know, with their drug use over there, they like to try to then make it their problem. Like, you know, I don't know, it's like your conscience has a problem with them taking drugs so they turn it around and try to be like, well I'm mitigating myself or you know, it's for my anxiety and you know, but then I mean, you can do that with every drug out there, man. You know, it's like, well, why you don't have some problems. So I take a little bit of math before I go to work, you know,

Speaker 2:21:59focus. I knew a woman that was dying on a. She would have to be on oxygen some points of the day. She told me that, and I've seen it myself. Her heart would start to go out and she would take a shot of methamphetamines, make sure her heart didn't stop and it would speed up her heart. And she would feel better and this woman was probably 86, 87, helped us move furniture and everything after that shot before then she was sitting there on an oxygen tank. She said if she ever stopped, she thinks she's going to die. Crazy man. And saying like and like to see it actually do is not necessarily that, that really, it's just the thought, her thinking that that's what it's doing for her is helping it do that for her.

Speaker 1:22:53Exactly what we want in our minds to the body is a weird thing. Like you can convince yourself that you're happy again, you know, you can convince yourself and you start putting those chemicals inside of yourself again and like, you know, when you, when you give someone like he only. Have you ever given anyone marijuana that was just like, uh, was it like a regular? No, it was someone trying to smoke Oregano and then you know, they smoke and then they act all high and stuff like that. But then they can truly convince themselves that they're high. You know,

Speaker 2:23:26there were actually two occasions. One occasion I sold one gram of Oregano to this kid because he had ripped us off and he had stolen from us one time, so I sold it to him and he smoked it and I had my ex some okay to pretend like it was good shit too, right? Well thought he was the highest he's ever been in his life and he came back and bought another Gi that day. Crazy. And I mean, just, you know, he thought he was so high, you know, he was over here giggling and you know, like asking like he had the munchies and whatnot and it to him, you know, it was real and you know, that's some crazy stuff. And you know, another nother thing is people, another reason why I think ots are a problem is because people like to show off. So you've never done coke before.

Speaker 2:24:20Right? And then somebody has coke and you're like, Oh yeah, well I've done coke all this time and this many times and whatnot. And you're bragging about it and so you're going to do a big ass lie. So you do that big ass line. You actually cannot handle it because you've never done it in your life. I had a girl that was just sitting here, you know, bragging about how she gets, you know, $80 ounces of marijuana, how she's, you know, smokes all the time and whatnot. And I was like, okay. So I loaded my bong full of it and I was like, you hit this. And she didn't even know how to hit the ball. A light it for her. I gave her the biggest hit she's ever had in her life. She takes that and she's like, I'm dying. I'm dying over here.

Speaker 2:25:05You know, she thought she was dying. It never been that high before because she doesn't smoke weed and you know, like that's the thing is like, people in their pride gets them hurt in that. But that can, cause that was just marijuana. But if that was coke or meth amphetamines and you know, they were bragging about that and I gave him a big old shot like, you know, that could kill them and you know, you, you have to go on what they say and people brag so much that you can't tell whether they're going to be able to handle it or not. Especially with harder drugs.

Speaker 1:25:39Exactly. And then even with like alcohol before too, it was like, oh, I know everyone has a shot count of how much I can take, you know, how big my Dick, you know, it was just like stupid stuff. Like we don't care how many shots so you can get drunk. Okay. I mean like, uh, you know, I'm a lightweight so. And I don't drink. But when I, when I did drink a little bit it was like, you know, I couldn't take very much at all. I was perfectly fine with spending 16 bucks and them spending, you know, 150 bucks and I'm being like, I am at the same level as you, my friend.

Speaker 2:26:18That is the best thing honestly, because like they fall tolerance is such a big deal and like in Arkansas, like you can buy liquor and the gas stations man. Okay. Like you have to be 21 to work at a gas station because they all sell liquor and everybody drinks around here. I drink but I don't like not everyday type shit. I'm not that guy. Like I have two shots. I'm like wow. And so a freaking everybody around me spending money on this and it's just expensive, you know, I'm sharing a bottle with somebody and they, they'd done drank it or not. You know, I got used to that shit. They're not even there and they're not having a good time. They get to the point where like being buzzed, just make some irritated. It doesn't make them feel good. I don't know because if I feel buzzed, I, I feel good but that to them, if they can't reach that drunk drunk, they don't have a good time and they get irritated and they're just, it's disgusting. The around.

Speaker 1:27:25It's like chasing the dragon over there. Then they get that one good experience with that one good night where they got just just toasted just enough and then they just keep fighting for that and fighting for that and then they keep pushing their limit to where they're not giving that little break period off from alcohol. It seems like the way your body's over, they're like, this is normal now. You know like there, there are still many people would like beer guts and like you know, their livers are going out because it was just drinking all the time.

Speaker 2:27:57Can you know, I never get that with marijuana, but when I was smoking methamphetamines, that was the case. It was I need to feel that high again. I need to fill those butterflies in my stomach. I want to feel like high as hell, but it would just feel like mediocre after that. And methamphetamine tolerance buildup is like so fast if you smoke it and he built it up just so fast. But you know, methamphetamines and MDM and stuff like that, people really got to watch out because people will take, take you for a ride man. They're like, don't take advantage of you, especially if it's your first time. My first time was in a casino. I went to the casino and I wasn't going to gamble much. I really didn't want to at all, but they convinced me to go out there and uh, I had work in the morning, 6:00.

Speaker 2:28:48Well, I'm at the Casino and they knew I just got paid. I got my tax return and I had $2,000. Right. And cash flow. Anyway, I'm, I'm over here, you know, falling asleep on the slot machines. I've only spent 50 bucks because I'm trying to buy a car after the next week or so. Well they uh, convinced me that I'm not going to be able to go to work tomorrow because I'm going to be so tired because they told me we were going to stay out till 10, but it's 1:00 now. So I smoke. I decided to smoke meth and uh, I, I smoked it and uh, I just lost it. After that, they, they convinced me to give them all my money. I spent all my money that night and they told me they would pay me back and then, you know, after the night was done the next week they were like, oh, uh, you really expected us to pay you back. That I had wasted all my money. My opportunity. They took advantage of you take me for a ride, you know, like, that's, that's they look for victims like that

Speaker 1:29:59really bad too.

Speaker 2:30:01Oh yeah. My best friend man, somebody who called my best friend,

Speaker 1:30:06just like some random person that's like, hey, here's math. It's just like that guy who you already know does math and then he just, you know. So that was the, that was a horrible situation. I remember when that was happening to you and then I just didn't really didn't really talk to you very often at that point because it was just, I was, I didn't know how to, you know, I don't live in the same world. They're, you know, so I don't even know how to, you know, we say that I'm sorry, you know, I've met those even get near me, you know.

Speaker 2:30:35Exactly. But you see like in my street, you know, like I'd walked down a, if you ever go to, you live in Fort Worth, you know, downtown pretty well, probably. Well there's a street called Lancaster. Cops do not pull down Lancaster A, I showed up one night to get some marijuana from somebody and uh, I was with my ex is encore and they're out on the front yard. This man's holding an eight ball in one hand and eight ball. These people in his lawn just dance in and going nuts and coughs ain't pulling up and down there because they're going to get shot if they do or do not even pull their cars. It doesn't happen. And you know, like methamphetamine is just all around there. Like for worth is just a cesspool of it and it, and it's, it's, it's pure, it's 99 percent you smoke that, you take two hits and I'm high for 12 hours the same.

Speaker 1:31:34The sad part about it is we got the good colleges over here. And then also on top of that we got a, we have the working class of big time over here. And we have a lot of Mexican workers over here as well that, you know, that's what they use a lot of times over there too, because it's a cheap fixed, uh, for working, you know, extreme hours, you know, and they're doing that so then they can feed their kids and stuff over there, but it pushes this whole entire system all the way around. Then we're right next to the border anyway. And you know, so they, they're just poor met through that void or to, you know. So we're like a kind of, almost sets poole were where did the middle point before it goes and branches out to places like Washington and Florida and stuff where it takes it a little bit longer to get to there. We get the first dibs kind of thing in the drug industry wise.

Speaker 2:32:26You mentioned the construction, you know, like that's actually a really big thing. I knew a man who, uh, led a construction crew. I worked at a seven slash 11. He used to come by marijuana from me at my seven slash 11 for his workers. Uh, he wouldn't buy methamphetamines for them to be bought beer, methamphetamines and marijuana for their day of work so that they would keep working, they would work long nights, they'd be out there and you know, this is just construction of 35, you know, and like that's, that's they're giving them meth amphetamines. This is the guy who is the chief, you know, the guy who looks over these people, he's buying methamphetamines for him it is part of the budget for him to buy them. It gets to that point and it's just, it's so insane. It's like we're accepting it, like, you know what I mean and like

Speaker 1:33:21know the war against drugs and everything like that. But at the same time it's like everything is all, like you said before, you know, my tax paying money is paying for people who are Medicaid, who don't have enough money to get these pills that then they turned around and they sell 30 year them because they don't need to use 30 of them, you know. And that's just the straight up money that, you know, the taxes are, are, are going through and the straight up tax paying money that pays for, you know, even those workers that go out over there and they're making a, a, a state highway over here, you know, where they're making that. So that means that the money that's coming in from them, you know, budget wise and all that kind of stuff, using a straight to go into the drug industry again.

Speaker 1:34:05So you see these little loopholes keep coming around and around and around where everything kind of is, you know, I don't know, a very often I see it a little bit, I kind of know about it, but the, I don't really get a see, I don't see those types of people. I kind of staying away from him because he always bring nothing but trouble as you already know. Um, but uh, with that though is just kinda like, it's, it's weird to see and you know, it's happening and then the government tries to make it a, you know, it is a big deal. But then at the same time, they're still using the industry too, you know?

Speaker 2:34:38Well, I mean drugs make the world go round. If you look how rich the people are that have the big drug dealers, we can't stop them. No one could. If we stopped them, we would ruin ourselves. And it's not the street dealer. It's not the, you know, like pod dealer who's next door, you know, selling a couple of baggies a day. It's the big, big, big corporations. I mean they have businesses they own like it goes all the way up into our bank system. You know, it brings in so much money that we can't fight them. They could, they could by our government out man. They could completely buy out our government. They decided to, you know, use their money. It's just, it's ridiculous. And you know, they have more drugs, has more control than anybody really realizes. And then it's not hard drug dealers, you know, you never meet these people. You'll never see them ever, ever, ever, ever. These people are unnamed because if you need them you will die. Eh, you know, you meet them to die like that, like you're not going to meet these people and they're so rich and you know, people from Columbia, they're not only using the drug money for businesses, but they have other businesses. So they go in as in human trafficking if fuels that. It fuels everything, all the crime that fuels at all it.

Speaker 2:36:15It's just such a crazy. We can't stop it. We, we needed at the same time we need human trafficking because we need to be able to get hearts cheap for transplants and our doctors are actually buying parts that are probably from, you know, somebody who was, you know, stolen and killed and then frozen and sold to the doctor and you know, that could be the heart that you received and it's necessary. It's completely unnecessary and it's so sad that it's that way, but it is necessary

Speaker 1:36:49and it makes it go round. And I think the, the people that like, you know, that don't do anything, any kind of drugs or anything like that and they never ever touches them in, you know, there's no such thing as like drugs are bad and everything, but they do run a lot of everything, you know, like moneywise, financial wise, the amount of money to just pass through, like, you know, they always say, you know, that like, you know, was it like one fourth of your money has been passed through strip clubs or, and then like, you know, but three fourths of your money has at least pass through at a drug deal, a situation that you know, so you have cash in your hand and you know, three, four. So that's

Speaker 2:37:30American. Every American dollar bill, Bill has cocaine residue on it. That, that is insane. Right? That is insane. Like it's just ridiculous.

Speaker 1:37:48That's, this is, this is craziness. Men and I don't know where it's gonna go from there and it's like they're not really wanting to fix the situation. And I think the situation needs to come from more society factor. I think everyone's always like, oh, we need a breakdown on drugs. We need to do this on drugs, and they're blaming the drugs for. The problem is the people man, you know

Speaker 2:38:11exactly it. Well in all honesty, the only way we can fix it because you see if we do that, we're going to have problems. We are the ones who need to start making the money off of this instead of these people in Colombia and these people in, you know, Mexico. If anybody's going to be making money off of this, which is sad. So I think we should manufacture these drugs, then we should sell them because these people are going to use them regardless. And this is money that we're losing money that is dirty money after that that is not taxed and we're losing it. So if it's going to be sold anyway, we, we need to legalize these drugs because we can keep track of who uses it. They will no longer be able to possess weapons. They a we can. Weekend thing is it, it'll keep odis at a low education.

Speaker 1:39:02Someone was like, you know, with a meth addict, you know, if you told him that he had to give up all of his weapons to get his six still, yeah, that'll be a no contest. You know, they would.

Speaker 2:39:15Oh yeah, exactly. And that's. And that's the thing. And then the drugs would be cheaper too, so you wouldn't have to give up your whole life for it. And you know, uh, I was smoking meth amphetamines and methamphetamines was not sure. I figured out that it was heroin late methamphetamines. So after I got done with my math with drawer had a heroin withdrawal, you know, it's just, I think that legalization would cause less problems than people think, but it's just the idea of people being able to do it that is not okay with society. And it happens regardless, but it's okay as long as we don't see it. That's the problem is we need to be real with ourselves and understand that they're going to do it regardless. We need to actually make money off of this because if we don't our tax money, our dollars are just going to keep going down. The worth of everything is going to keep going down and we're giving power to these people that are going to just use it in such evil ways and said, you know, we legalize marijuana and you know, how much money you have, what you need off of that. Right?

Speaker 1:40:23Yeah. It's crazy. I think the world of the world can have us do it. You know, the world can have a know stuff the world can't have as illegal lives. Uh, all these different things. Because if we do, then that means almost everyone does, you know.

Speaker 1:40:42I mean, how much more enticing will we be as the only United States if we legalized everything for someone that has an opiate addict addiction, where are they come over here and then they can smoke the opium they want and then not have any kind of, you know, problems. But why I heard also, I heard this guy, he was talking, he was like, you know, if they would just, if they, they legalized everything over here. I mean we have the capability of doing crazy shit to begin with. I mean we have people, you know, eating tide pods for, for Christ's sake. I mean, you know, you can do anything troy, your body and be really stupid about it too, you know, and do it legally. But not everyone does it. So, you know, society has a, a society needs to be the one that, uh, brings this up and was like, Hey, math is wrong, you know, not, hey, don't do that because it's illegal, you know,

Speaker 2:41:44education, you know, legalization of these things causes education, causes studies to be able to be made. And you know, like that's the thing is education is needed because people were smoke meth. I used to hang with people smoking meth. They're like roaches, they love hanging around. And then when the lights on they scatter. They used to say, I was always real with myself. I'm like, Hey, this is killing me, you know. But I was cool with it because, you know, I was in a bad place.

Speaker 1:42:11Yeah. It was more of a self suicidal but not like to the point where. I mean, it was not a caring thing, you know?

Speaker 2:42:19Yeah, exactly. But they would be like, Oh yeah, well I've been doing it for this many years and you know, I feel fine. That'd be like, ha ha, you're dying. I wouldn't be real with them and laugh at them and say that. And they would look at me like, and realization would kick in for a second and they would be like, what are you going to be so negative? I'm like, I'm being real Nigga. That's, that's the truth. Your Heart's going to go out. At least that's 60 years old if you keep smoking dope like this. Like it's real. It's reality. You know what I mean? And they methamphetamine causes you to. It causes you to have such ambitions. These people will sit around and talk about what they wanna do and there'll be like, yeah, I'm gonna. Make this a business or go to college and do this and such wondrous things. And as soon as you're off of it, you don't think about that shit at all. You just think about your next fix, man. Like it's, it's a repeated cycle of, oh my God, I feel so great and I can do this and this on that. And it's just ridiculous listening to these people when you're sober, like it's the worst thing ever.

Speaker 1:43:26Right. But that was just something I was thinking about here recently. I saw the whole Mbma thing and then, uh, I wanted to kind of talk about a little bit of these, uh, how these Ssr i's are, are effecting us and they're, they're fda approved, you know, um, with all these different things like, uh, you know, Zoloft and Prozac and Lexapro.

Speaker 2:43:57I'm on, I'm on, I'm on one right now.

Speaker 1:44:01Right. But like, there's so much, there's a lot of problems with, uh, people not really understanding what they're taking, you know, and they're having big problems with like a serotonin was that one serotonin syndrome because they may turn around and they'll mix a drug or something like that or they'll take too much of something, you know. And like, these doctors know about this problem and these kind of let people die and then it just goes. I don't understand how the prescription industry can get away with that. Yeah, I really don't understand it. Like it doesn't make any sense to me at all

Speaker 2:44:41decide to use illegal drugs and because they have so many warnings in the warnings are in small print. My, a Benzo that I'd say I'm not supposed to drink alcohol, right? Because if I drink alcohol. So like what a Benzo does is it suppresses your, your, uh, like it pretty much slowed down. Your heartbeat slows down everything. Thanks. Same thing with alcohol. That's why you can get light breathing when you started to get too much alcohol, you feel like people are dying because the drugs that I'm taking, the Benzo I'm taking is popularly used because it increases the effects of alcohol. So people are dying a lot on this drug because they drink right after they take it and they're doing it recreationally.

Speaker 1:45:30Right? So the worst thing that a lot too is just people mixing substances. It should not be mixed like an upper end. And down or the same time, you know, where your body's just under this massive attack with people not knowing what the fuck they're doing with their bodies, you know, and then they're like, well the doctor gave it to me so it must be okay, you know? And then we have people like all of these actors that, that odd like crazy awful men.

Speaker 2:45:59And that's because a actors Odi on that stuff because what doctor is going to say no, do the superstar exactly. And the superstars like, oh this and that. And you know, the thing is people start to like when you start taking a pain medicine, it can take away your pain and that you feel high at first when you start taking it. And then when you start taking it frequently, it still takes away your pain, but you no longer feel high. So people weren't the update prescription. It's not that it's not taking away their pain anymore, is that they no longer feel high along with it. And so they start up the prescription. It's not that it's not working anymore, it's that these people want to feel high,

Speaker 1:46:44right? They're just chasing the dragon still, but then what I think is always the funniest part is with all these drugs stuff, with everything that's going on with everything, you know, there's still don't like the whole plant material type thing now. Like when you can, when you can make your own medication, you know, like I think of like all the different things that you can take with like mushrooms and, and marijuana and uh, they just don't. They don't like it when, you know, those are the ones that they didn't want to talk about a lot, you know?

Speaker 2:47:18That's because if we legalize marijuana everywhere, everybody's just going to start growing it and say fuck paying these taxes on it and then they won't make money off of it. It's all about money.

Speaker 1:47:30Yeah.

Speaker 2:47:32Because like if you tell yourself, if you can grow a one marijuana plant and it yield a bunch of ounces and you could just like, keep on getting it and you know, you've spend what, like 20 bucks one time on seeds and you're good the rest of your life. That ain't gonna work because I'm, you need to keep coming back to the dispensary bank wanting a gee, you know, I'm like, all these tech is. And so that's why they don't like natural stuff. And you know, cocaine, if it was ever legalized, you know, we could use that as well. And you know, it's just so. It's weird because plants that yield drugs, they grow so much faster.

Speaker 1:48:15Yeah. Like we just grows and grows.

Speaker 2:48:19Okay. And do crazy stuff like bamboo man.

Speaker 1:48:26It's one of the craziest things ever, you know, just just grows, you know. And that's the craziest thing. I don't really understand how people can, how a government like I don't understand why society hasn't dictated like hey, let's just tell people not to smoke weed all the time. It was just, you know, let's just tell people not to do this because it's Kinda like a kid in a candy store. You tell them not to do something, they're to want to do it. And then there's just like. But I think that's what they're getting at. I think, you know, there's a conspiracy there, you know?

Speaker 2:48:58Right.

Speaker 1:48:59If you're told not to do something, you're gonna want to do it, you know?

Speaker 2:49:05Well, and honestly the thing is, I believe if we legalize drugs, what happens is like, okay, when it became acceptable for everybody to do drugs in the eighties and the seventies or whatnot, when they were doing all them fucking drugs, we had after that generation that hated drug. So if we legalize all the drugs, it's going to teach everybody there are, okay, there are foreign countries that have completely legal drugs, but people look down on it and on, on people that take those drugs. Just because they're there doesn't mean that it's acceptable in social I's. So the thing is we need not to glamorize that. We need to legalize if it's still at the same time, be like, oh well, you know, you can't get a good job if you're on this crop or oh you don't qualify for this, or Oh, you can't own guns or you know, have penalties for it. And you know, just show people that it's not good to. But you can if you want to.

Speaker 1:50:06I think that so many different types of people just kind of don't see the drug industry. They'll see it. So it's not like a thinking, like an uncle or something like that. They just kind of push it underneath the, you know, just push it away really hard, you know, where they like it, where it's not in front of their face all the time, you know, where did they don't have to deal with it where, you know, someone's, a, a, you know, a son or something like that. Uh, they could be, you know, everyone knows about their uncle, their uncle kind of went a little crazy off of doing drugs and stuff like that. Don't be like him and I'll be like, oh yeah, I had an uncle at one point in that did this and I'm never going to take lsd because he's crazy now. You know?

Speaker 2:50:48Right.

Speaker 1:50:49Because of that they just, it hits home. And so how many people do you know that, that going like, Hey, I know somebody has done this so I ain't touching cocaine or I ain't touching this because I know somebody. He, he had this horrible problem, now is faces, you know, half a seizure. Do you know?

Speaker 2:51:07Yeah, I do know a lot of people, you know, and, but that saved down my cv will that is not affected by like for instance, I'll say me because I don't want to give another instance when I can just give an instance of myself. We were at a party and uh, somebody who never did cocaine before, you know, and uh, we were just hanging and he had done way, way too much. I mean, we were doing a lot of it, like I probably did like probably like nine or so. Why? Okay. And you know, that's a lot of coats, right? But yeah, I'm talking, he just kept going and going. Well, you could have what is called a, what do they call it?

Speaker 2:51:46I forget what it's called, but anyway, it's when you have too much your bloodstream and you just can't take it. And uh, it's an [inaudible]. It's an over amped up. So they call it and he had an over amp and uh, we, you know, we try to make a shoe, we try to, you know, do whatever we could for him, but he died and you know, we couldn't do anything. We called the ambulance and get the hell Outta there because you'll get charged with manslaughter just because you were there just because you were doing drugs with her. And uh, you know, I did coke probably a week after that. Right? Like, that's the thing is, you know, you see somebody die in front of you from doing the thing, but you just say, oh, well, you know, I'm not going to do as much as he did. Or Oh, I, you know, I'm different drugs make you just sit there and you know, convince yourself that you're okay. Like when you're on Meth, you convince yourself you're okay all the time. You're just like, oh yeah, well I feel okay. I feel okay. It's okay. I'm not dying yet. I, I'm going to stop soon. And you know, like You keep reassuring yourself that you're okay to the point that you never ended up stopping and you won't be okay.

Speaker 1:53:04Right? Of maybe like how Adam and eve in the garden where to leave the apple. She didn't die right away. So she's like, oh, I'm okay. You know, there's a little rebellious type thing of there, you know?

Speaker 2:53:18Oh yeah.

Speaker 1:53:19And it's kind of funny how we, we as humans tend to be inclined to. Our body's wanting to kill itself. You know,

Speaker 2:53:31cigarettes, alcohol,

Speaker 1:53:33like, I mean we get a good feeling off of it, but at the same time we know is doing and just like, there's certain things that we do that's just like, why do we do that? It's just there to kill you. But our bodies yearn for killing itself. You know, everyone's busy

Speaker 2:53:52because life is so mediocre to some people. They weren't born in a world where everything is given to them because they see the people around them and you know, you like, you go, you drive down Keller and you see those kids, right? Those kids who have everything, they were playing beach volleyball, they're enjoying their life and then you drive down Lancaster and you see the kid who started, we can get that feeling from the convenience store. So it's, they're wanting to fill, okay. Wanting to feel normal and were told by the drug users, hey, this means you feel better. And you know, that's, that's, that's all. If you just want to fill, okay, you just want to feel better. You just want to. You want to be like these other people, but understand that you'll never be able to smile and have fun or have that kind of life because you don't have money. You don't have their circumstances. So what you do is you do what you can, you know, and you accept that these things may hurt you, but you would rather feel like that then the film down all the time and to feel depressed and wasting your life away anyway.

Speaker 1:55:08Escape from reality because the reality that that's kind of a forced upon you at that moment and then our reality that you're wanting to stay in and then like you know, someone that has a everything type thing like you know, a jock of football team and stuff like that. He's not as inclined to throw them out all away for a quick fix over here, you know, because his life is. He hasn't had to escape his life.

Speaker 2:55:38Open me levels are high and they're not damaged because of depression. Damages are dope. Dope. That makes you happy. It's legitimately a chemical and a. It makes you feel happy and being depressed. You lose that. It stops being able to recreate dopamine and you it to the point to where you can't enjoy things you used to enjoy. You enjoy listening to music or now you don't. You enjoyed reading books will now you don't because you're depressed because your life feels unfulfilled and you feel like you have to fill it with. They try. Normally. People first try to fill it with, you know girls. Problem with that is you know, you the one in a million chance, you're going to find a girl that isn't going to fuck you over and then you know, that happens and then you even more depressed and then you go onto, well, this thing, this drug that is around all the time, I can get it whenever I want, I can feel happy. I don't have to ask for it, I just get it and fake it. And you know, the thing is, it's just instant happiness. It's, it's something that's so easy to grab that

Speaker 2:56:50you don't even have to try for it. You know, you don't have to, there's no sacrifice. You feel like there was no sex and you know, people don't see the longterm that their sacrifice and their bought.

Speaker 1:57:02Right? And that's the thing too, is just that, um, that instant gratification for no apparent reason is a scary thing for people because he's know we mentally just lose her goddamn mind. If, if were given anything for just no reasons, you know, where you get instant happiness by popping in one pill, that's insane. You know,

Speaker 2:57:28and, and a lot of people don't understand how a lot of people don't even understand how drugs work like, so like marijuana in itself does not get you high. They cause a release of the chemicals that are naturally in your brain, in our, so posts to be releasing and you know, like it teaches your brain that that's the only time that dopamine to. We released this when you're high, if you always smell. And like that's why people who smoke all the time. So like I don't feel happy when I'm not high because you have taught your brain to only release dopamine when there's thc in your system. So you no longer feel happy

Speaker 1:58:12and your sector is only, you know what, what I think too, she's from what I've studied it does, is it latches onto your, your dopamine receptors where you know, it tricks you into thinking it's dopamine and then your receptors trying to process it. And then when it processes that it turns it into what you're using and what the feeling of being high, you know. Um, but the thing is, if you're, if, if you're pumping it full of thc all the time, you're dope. Me Receptors are picking up on the TC all the time. Where's your dopamine that this time, you know, you're doping means just being flushed and not being used and now it's sitting there where your receptors don't know how to use things that are not so saturated with thc and you know, and that's why you see people, I think with, you know, they, they treat their anxiety or they say they treat their anxiety with, you know, uh, marijuana. And then they turned around and they will be like getting so anxious after years of use where now they're having a problem, whereas their normal isn't normal anymore. You know,

Speaker 2:59:22he marijuana does not treat panic attacks. That's where people get around marijuana when people don't understand the difference between anxiety and panic attack. Panic attack is completely different. Anxiety can be cured by marijuana. When you smoke, you feel like you can go out to a crowd hanging out with everybody and be chill, right? That's social anxiety. That's not panic attack. People blame marijuana for panic attacks, so you're getting panic attacks because you have emotional problems. They don't understand that because me, when I smoke, every time I smoke, I gave back because I have a problem where I fear that after methamphetamines that my chest is going to give out on me because of how much drugs and anytime my heart rate speeds up, I get anxiety, sex, so smoking cigarettes or smoking weed, uh, you know, running, anything like that. Can you give me a panic attack? It will not cure that. Marijuana will not cure that for you. It will cure social anxiety. It will cheer, you know, the kind of anxiety where you feel like, oh, you know, people who are alone sometimes getting anxiety about being alone, it can cure that, but it will not help your panic attack. It will not stop. That doesn't make it still make it so much worse. And that's what people don't understand. They don't study anxiety, they self diagnosed themselves with anxiety and they actually have panic attack. And uh, it's two different things.

Speaker 1:60:59Right? Exactly. And that's the thing too is like, you know, when you're on marijuana and stuff like that to the panic attack is just like death, you know, you just think you're dying, you know, you can be free convinced that you're dying, your heart rate, you know, going through the roof and,

Speaker 2:61:15and you know, and if you have a panic attack every day, your heart's does start to get weakened. It's like running a marathon. My whole body would be sore, my chest would be sore. It can kill you. Panic attacks. If you do not deal with them, they can kill you. They will end up finally. Your heart is putting so much stress on you that it's like running a marathon every day. You can't do that every day. You can't. My body would twitch my mfa, which is not something that needs to be self diagnosed with marijuana at all. It's not gonna cure it, it's going to make it worse. It's going to like now I have my medicine, I can smoke as much as I want and I actually enjoy it, you know? And before then I would smoke marijuana and for the first, you know, our being high and sitting here like I'm dying and then after that I would enjoy it. So I'd weigh in on that was worth it. Now I can act down and smoking and enjoy it and a

Speaker 1:62:20way way better.

Speaker 1:62:23Right. Well then thank you for, uh, joining us on here on this podcast. I'm wrapping it up currently right now over here, but, uh, I was curious a couple of different things over here and I knew you had a lot of different experiences, firsthand experiences over here. And uh, I like to kind of keep you over here and maybe have you come on here a couple of other times. Uh, whenever I have a topic of such a situation is over here. So until next time over here, um, thank you for joining the Darien Jackson show. Uh, you can go and, uh, in the link description over here, it has my spotify. Uh, you also have where I'm on youtube now. I have Google play and itunes that you can go onto and you can listen to all my previous podcast from there. Um, I also have my audible trial over here, which will also be in the description, so you can go to that. You can get your 30 day free trial on that over there. They'll get you one free audio book and you can be listening to that while you're working or while you're working out all that kinda good stuff over there. But, uh, thank you once again for joining the dairy and Jackson show. And please join us for next week's. Thank you.

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