Black Rain

Ashes to Ashes

September 27, 2021 American Pantheon Season 1 Episode 2
Black Rain
Ashes to Ashes
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Shock hits the bunker and tensions run high as Ele, Zander, and Orson try to get their sense about them. Meanwhile, the Military Police start sorting through survivors.

Black Rain is a fictional podcast by American Pantheon. It was created by Chadwick Harman and produced by Scott Lucas, Scott McKinney, and Chadwick Harman.

This episode stars Anna Telford as Ele, Darius Marquis Johnson as Zander and Jeffrey Larson as Orson. It feature Jim Meskimen, Joseph Ruud, Jessica Buda, Alice Bang, and Kevin Holloway-Harris.

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Cold Open
"Empty Your Pockets, Spread Your Legs"
The Bunker Lights Turn On
Ele Meets Amias
Zander Gets an Idea
Orson and Cheyenne