The Word Café Podcast with Amax

S1 Ep. 56 The Power of Communication

January 19, 2022 Amachree Isoboye Afanyaa Season 1 Episode 56
The Word Café Podcast with Amax
S1 Ep. 56 The Power of Communication
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Show Notes

Our Human existence is characterized by how we relate with one other, and these relationships are expressed via communication media. The material that drives these communications is words. One beautiful thing about communication is the understanding it brings, the meaning it generates that connects people and creates cultures that bear the human soul from one generation to another. 

The technology of communication is invaluable. Its value is seen in the growth of our civilization, the way we carry on living. 

In this Word Café Podcast episode, I will be talking about the power of communication with Flo Akinbiyi, a communication expert.

 His Afro-German background gave him an advantage when it came to communication from an early age. Growing up in Bavaria, he was always the one to stand out of the crowd, the one that looked different, and the one that got all the attention. But it’s not only looks and personality that can give you an advantage; that’s only a tiny piece of the puzzle. His 17 years of experience in Experiential Marketing, ten years of experience in moderating events, countless Toastmasters speeches, continuous research, and numerous speaking engagements worldwide have taught me the secrets of communication. He now coaches Executives and Teams from his home base Dubai to communicate effectively, both in-person and virtually.

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