Australian Book Lovers

Author Dime Sheppard

September 04, 2022 Veronica & Darren Episode 66
Australian Book Lovers
Author Dime Sheppard
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Show Notes

Episode 66 is here and with it some brand new segments! Join hosts Veronica and Darren as they discuss clickety keyboards, the possible cosmic river of archetypes that brings voice to the muse, chickens waiting for spaceships and aliens advertising on Youtube...

Not only that, but Darren enjoys a stupendously fun interview with crime author Dime Sheppard who chats about her latest release Crime Writer, the door is opened for the first time to the Reader's Cafe, and author K.M. Allan joins the brand new Writer's Lounge for some relaxing banter! Grab a coffee or a sneaky wine, sit back and (we hope) enjoy the show...

Intro - 00:00

News - 13:35

Reader's Cafe - 19:50

Author Interview - 36:25

Interview Discussion - 1:48:20

Writer's Lounge - 2:07:55

Episode Wrap Up - 2:31:05

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