Australian Book Lovers

Author Miranda Luby

September 15, 2022 Veronica & Darren Episode 67
Australian Book Lovers
Author Miranda Luby
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Show Notes

Could this be our biggest episode yet? Join hosts Veronica and Darren for podcast 67 featuring a Reader's Cafe with special guest Belinda Grant who shares a book review with us, an incredible interview with author Miranda Luby, a laughter fuelled visit to the Writer's Lounge with special guests Reb Langham and Kevin Klehr from Twitter's #AusWrites, industry news, chats about a missing prime minister, the dangers of fake news, the complexities of traversing new digital realms and of course a quote or two! It's time to get comfortable...

Intro - 00:00

News - 16.15

Reader's Cafe - 23.22

Author Interview -40.00

Interview Discussion - 1:32.30

Writer's Lounge - 1.50.35

Episode Wrap Up - 2:43.50

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