Australian Book Lovers

Aaron Fa'aoso and Michelle Scott Tucker

October 06, 2022 Veronica & Darren Episode 69
Australian Book Lovers
Aaron Fa'aoso and Michelle Scott Tucker
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Show Notes

Episode 69 is here and we are so proud to present a super inspiring, powerful and thought provoking double interview with actor, director, producer and writer, Aaron Fa'aoso, and the soul lifting, smile inducing, amazing author Michelle Scott Tucker! Together they talk about collaborating on their brand new release So Far, So Good, which is not only a gripping personal reflection of Aaron's life but also the first official biography of a Torres Straight Islander.

Join us for a coffee in the Reader's Cafe to catch up on new books to dive into, discussions about what makes a hoon a hoon, what LSD and hanging out with emus might have in common, and the potential power of truth to help us come together. And a super fun chat with author Clare Rhoden in the Writer's Lounge...

Intro - 00:00
News - 14:55
Reader's Cafe - 20:30
Author Interview -34:55
Interview Discussion - 1:41.00
Writer's Lounge - 1:57:37
Episode Wrap Up - 2:15:10

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