Australian Book Lovers

Author Dinuka McKenzie

May 18, 2023 Veronica & Darren
Australian Book Lovers
Author Dinuka McKenzie
Australian Book Lovers
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Show Notes

It's episode 81 and nothing succeeds like excess! Join hosts Veronica and Darren for a monster episode featuring a soul inspiring interview with author Dinuka McKenzie, industry news and festivals, book releases and discussions about Australia in the year 1981, Reader's Café, Writer's Lounge, some technical glitches, and a whole lot more!!!

Reading from Taken by Dinuka McKenzie - 0:00
Intro - 02:21
News - 19:14
Reader's Café - 35:35
Author Interview - 50:44
Interview Discussion - 1:44:55
Writer's Lounge - 1:55:40
Book Review - 2:11:59

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