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Facial Esthetics and the Negative Effects of Premolar Extraction

June 09, 2021 Liliana
Airway and Sleep Group Podcast
Facial Esthetics and the Negative Effects of Premolar Extraction
Show Notes

In a survey conducted by Dr Karin Badt on the effects of extraction orthodontics found that premolar extraction orthodontics has an adverse effect on health and appearance in a high percentage of those who have had the treatment. 

The procedure of premolar extraction is purported to cause structural changes in the facial form and found health issues consequent to these structural changes, specifically, temporomandibular disorder, inadequate tongue space, obstructive sleep apnea, forward head posture, neck/posture issues, atypical swallowing, pronunciation/speech difficulties, somatic tinnitus and frequent headaches. 

A survey disseminated randomly on the internet addressed to people who have had orthodontic treatment with extractions tested the hypothesis that adverse aesthetic consequences result from premolar extractions. They found that:

  • 81% of respondents reported at least 1 negative aesthetic consequence subsequent to extraction orthodontics.
  • 73.7% percent of respondents reported inability to put tongue completely on the roof of the mouth without the tip of the tongue lapping on or beyond the front teeth. 20.4% percent reported difficulty pronouncing the letters S, V, B and D.
  • 90% of respondents reported that 2 or more aspects of their day-to-day lives have been somewhat or very much impacted by their reported symptoms
  • 92% of the 72 who offered comments in the survey referred to severely impaired health, diminished physical attractiveness, and/or psychological difficulties resulting from these impairments. A number noted “depression,” “anxiety,” “loss of self-esteem” and “loss of confidence”.

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