Many Voices - One Call: Episode Three: Reimagining Music Education

September 01, 2021 Season 1 Episode 3
Many Voices - One Call: Episode Three: Reimagining Music Education
Show Notes

How did School of Music (SOM) faculty and students respond and adapt creatively to the COVID crisis? What does the future of classical music education at SUNY Schenectady look like under the new Strategic Plan? In this episode, hosts Jennifer and Babette talk with current and former SOM faculty, alumni, and new Dean Dr. Christopher Brellochs, about innovative approaches to teaching at a time of crisis, and their vision for enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion in a discipline long seen as narrowly focused on the works of Western European composers and styles. The episode also introduces the newest project of Mark Evans and Brett Wery at the Avaloch Farm Music Institute in New Hampshire, where they were joined by SOM graduates and emerging artists Areli Mendoza-Pannone and Robert Frazier. The product of their collaboration, the song cycle "Quarry Songs" will be performed at SUNY Schenectady County Community College in the Taylor Auditorium on September 10th.
Please feel free to check the list of resources that were mentioned in the episode:
Brett Wery's homepage:
Christoper Brellochs' homepage:
Christopher Brellochs' Music Theory Lessons on YouYube
SUNY Schenectady Wind Ensemble Recording of A Mother of A Revolution! by Omar Thomas.:
Background info on the work by Omar Thomas:
Netflix documentary on Marsha P. Johnson:
Article used by Dr. Keyser to spark discussion about the Stonewall Riots in her wind ensemble class:
Some resources used to teach students about the history of racism in American music.
Jim Crow Museum-
Sheet music montage-
Jim Crow Museum Documentary-
Music Composition Database- Searchable by gender identity, demographic, location, instrumentation and more run by SUNY Fredonia:
Searchable database of wind literature:
Contemporary Black composers you should know: Women composers by time period:
"Split this Rock" project:
CHIME (Creating Harmony, Invigorating Music Education) :