Family Health with Dr. Lex

The Self-Care Formula Everyone Needs to Know with Radiologist Dr. Robyn Tiger

May 27, 2022 Season 4 Episode 2
Family Health with Dr. Lex
The Self-Care Formula Everyone Needs to Know with Radiologist Dr. Robyn Tiger
Show Notes

We've spoken extensively about the harmful effects of chronic stress, but in this episode Board Certified  Radiologist Dr. Robyn Tiger and I discuss how learning complete self-care can reverse symptoms, improve functional capacity, quality of life and longevity.   This is a game-changing episode called The Self-Care Formula Everyone Needs to Know.  In it we offer answers to the following questions:

- How did Dr. Tiger safe her own life?
- Did modern medicine fail her?
- What does it mean to regulate the nervous system?
- Why were all of her tests negative?
- Can chronic stress really cause all of those symptoms?
- Can stress management really reverse all of those symptoms?
- What are some triggers of the stress response?
- Do major stressors cause a different response from minor stressors?
- What happens physically when the stress response is activated?
- What are telomeres and how are they affected by chronic stress?
- How do stress management techniques help tone the nervous system?
- How does breathwork affect our mind and body?
- What is somatic movement?
- What happens to your brain during meditation?
- What is neuroplasticity?
- How do these techniques help our bodies change permanently?
- How does awareness create space for improvement in the way you feel?
- What is the cost of this self-care formula?


Robyn Tiger, MD is on a mission to empower others with self-care tools backed by science and research. With burnout on the rise, Robyn knows first hand what it’s like to love your job while also coping with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, imbalance and even illness.

She uniquely combines her 15 years in diagnostic radiology with a certification in yoga therapy, meditation and life coaching in her innovative courses, private coaching, and podcast that focus on complete physical, mental, and emotional well-being and resilience. She is deeply passionate about helping others relieve stress, elevate calm and live their best lives!

When she’s not busy supporting her clients, Robyn can be found enjoying her own self-care through hiking, paddle boarding, meditating, yoga, playing with her dog, husband and kids in the mountains of Asheville, NC.
IG: @stressfreemd
FB & LinkedIn: @robyntigermd

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