Family Health with Dr. Lex

Mindfulness & Meditation in Medicine with Pulmonologist Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang

June 25, 2021 Season 1 Episode 6
Family Health with Dr. Lex
Mindfulness & Meditation in Medicine with Pulmonologist Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang
Show Notes

In this episode, Board Certified Pulmonologist and Mindfulness teacher Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang and I discuss Mindfulness and Meditation in Medicine including answers to the following questions: 

- What is Integrative Medicine?  

-  How does it differ from Complementary and Alternative Medicine?

- How did Dr. Liang’s personal experience with cancer lead her to become a mindfulness instructor?

- How did Complementary and Integrative Medicine help Dr. Liang during her cancer and treatment?

- What is mindfulness and how does it help treat disease?

- How does one begin to incorporate mindfulness into their medical treatment plan?

- How does mindfulness differ from meditation and mindset?

- What are some examples of mindfulness techniques?

- Who is an ideal candidate for mindfulness education?

- Can mindfulness be used to augment the treatment of mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression?

- What kind of services does Dr. Liang offer?

- What resources are available to learn mindfulness?

- Where can we find wellness centers that incorporate Integrative Medicine and mindfulness?


Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang is a mother of two, cancer survivor, board certified pulmonologist and mindfulness teacher.  She is the Director of Pulmonary Integrative Medicine at Coastal Pulmonary Associates affiliated with the Scripps Health Network in Encinitas, CA .  She maintains a Voluntary Assistant Professor of Medicine appointment at UCSD as a volunteer pulmonary attending for the UCSD Medical Student-Run Free Clinic for undocumented and underserved patients.   She has presented and led workshops and retreats locally and nationally on mindfulness, physician well-being, and integrative and pulmonary medicine to a variety of audiences inclusive of all levels of medical trainees, faculty physicians, healthcare administrators, and patients. She has published articles in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, as well as KevinMD. She is the youngest and first woman of color to receive the American Lung Association San Diego Lung Health Provider of the Year Award 2019 and is a recipient of the inaugural Outstanding Mother Awards 2019 and has been named a San Diego Top Doctor in Pulmonary Medicine in 2017 and 2019. She is CEO of Awaken Breath, LLC,  Founder of the Mindful Healthcare Collective and Co-Founder of the Mindful Healing Collective, providing free online mindfulness sessions to heatlhcare professionals and the general public during the global pandemic and beyond.

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