Scuba Goat

Christmas Catch-ups - S01 E07

December 17, 2020 Matt Waters Season 1 Episode 7
Scuba Goat
Christmas Catch-ups - S01 E07
Show Notes

At the close of this crazy year, I catch up with Kristian Parton and Brendon Sing to find out what they've been up to since last being on the show.

Brendon updates us on the bid to ban shark fin importation to the UK and Kris touches base about his new Youtube channel, Shark Bites.

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Dive operators and dive pro's - I know this year has been particularly difficult for everyone in the industry.  All we can do now is look forward and prepare for life to begin again.  So, if you would like to highlight your location, your plans, how you've sustained yourselves through this epic travel drought then please do get in touch and let's get chatting.  If an episode can bring you exposure then count me in!

Kristian's Youtube channel: Shark Bytes

Here more about the fab work Kristian has done during Episode #6

Shark Guardian's webpage

Brendon & Liz talk about Shark Guardian at length during Episode #2

Find out more at