Scuba Goat

Andre Borell - Director Envoy Shark Cull - S02 E07

August 01, 2021 Matt Waters / Andre Borrel Season 2 Episode 7
Scuba Goat
Andre Borell - Director Envoy Shark Cull - S02 E07
Show Notes

Envoy Shark Cull is a hard-hitting Australian documentary directed by Andre Borell.  The film shines a much-needed light on the outdated and antiquated shark control methods deployed in QLD and NSW, that have not changed in methodology since being introduced in 1936.  I was shocked and devastated to learn about this brutal culling program (also discussed with Jonathan Clark on S01 E15) that is not backed by science and urgently needs to be replaced with modern and non-lethal alternatives.

If the report Queensland Shark Control Program catch statistics for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is to be believed, 286 sharks were captured between June 2020 and July 2021, of which only 57 sharks were released alive.  The report does not specify or account for the animals caught and killed as bycatch.

Envoy Shark Cull is a Mike Tyson sized punch in the face of reality, it is heavily researched and brutally honest; culminating in a unified voice for the animals of the Pacific Ocean.  It is an absolute pleasure to have Andre on the show and I applaud all of his efforts and those who are actively involved in pursuing a resolution in this needless onslaught of our oceans wildlife.

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The cast:
Paul De Gelder
Madison Stewart
Eric Bana
Layne Beachley
Juan Oliphant
Tom Carroll
Holly Richmond
Dr. Leonardo Guida
Jonathan Clark
Lawrence Chlebek

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