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Samuel Rostøl - The Grind: Whaling in the Faroe Islands - S02 E11

October 06, 2021 Matt Waters / Samuel Rostøl Season 2 Episode 11
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Samuel Rostøl - The Grind: Whaling in the Faroe Islands - S02 E11
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Earlier this year Norwegian born Samuel Rostøl decided to leave mainstream employment as a nurse so that he could focus all of his available time on supporting animal activism.   Soon thereafter, Samuel was invited to join Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands as they documented the annual Grindadrop or Pilot Whale hunts.  His footage has shone an even brighter light on the islands and albeit he casts an imposing figure, Samuel's approach to activism is far from that which most would assume.  During this episode Samuel explains the Grind, the animosity, violence and threats to kill and also the silent support and the reasons behind the reluctance of locals wishing the Grind to halt.

On Sunday 12th September the Grind slaughtered 1,428 Atlantic White-sided Dolphins. Albeit this podcast is predominantly non-political I feel the need to include such activity to assist in creating a global response for the betterment of the animals involved.

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Samuel goes full-time activist
Journey to the Faroe Islands
Objectives whilst on location
What is a Grindadrop?
What is it's purpose?
The White-Sided Dolphin Grind
Fisherman disposing of unborn Pilot Whales
Pilot Whale population and life cycle
Faroese reception towards activists and Sea Shepherd
Dealing with threats and violence
Local support and the enforced silence
Political pressure
Financial aspects to the Grind and the Islands economy
Waste disposal
Grind Foremen
The effects of a hunt and being involved
Numbing the emotion
Samuels opinion on the future of the Grind
Catch to population figures
Health advisors warn islanders not to eat the catch - High levels of mercury
What's next for Samuel
Banter about Samuel's fall during Sea Shepherd interview
The Norweigian Whale hunting
Samuel's links and financial support