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Rebecca Griffiths - Freediving photography & conservation - S02 E14

November 02, 2021 Matt Waters / Rebecca Griffiths Season 2 Episode 14
Scuba Goat
Rebecca Griffiths - Freediving photography & conservation - S02 E14
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Rebecca Griffiths first grabbed my attention via Instagram.  Her account displays some beautiful photographs which I recognised instantly as having had minimal post-shot editing (quite a rare commodity these days).  I continued to follow for a while and found that she was not only a photographer but a diver, free-diver and conservationist too.   

As a youngster, Rebecca developed a life-long love for nature whilst living on the southern shores of England.  Fast forward a number of years and she's swapped out the white cliffs and overcast skies for the much warmer,  bluer waters off the Sunshine Coast, Australia.   

Keen to protect the oceans inhabitants Rebecca picked up a camera whilst simultaneously becoming a volunteer with Sea Shepherd. This has led to her representing and documenting 6 campaigns at home, and overseas with them.

Today we take a more in-depth look at Rebecca's storyline and how Freediving is more advantageous during the efforts she is currently involved in.  As well as discussing her passion and thoughts on photography.  

Rebecca is very humble about her achievements, and I feel that she is a shining example of how an individual can be loud and make a statement without  the need of a bellowing voice.  I believe she has only just started her journey so I'm looking forward to what the future may hold for her and her talents with a camera. 

Introduction to Rebecca
From Cyprus to Australia and beyond
Leaving Auto Mode...
Descending beneath the surface
Apex Harmony campaign
Camera of choice - Nikon D850
Combining the two for more campaigns
Mexican Molitov time
West Africa
Tips & advice for beginners
What's next?
Lady Elliot Island
Camera, fins, desire and go!
Wrapping it up