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Jeffrey Glenn - An introduction to Tech Diving - S02 E15

November 14, 2021 Matt Waters / Jeffrey Glenn Season 2 Episode 15
Scuba Goat
Jeffrey Glenn - An introduction to Tech Diving - S02 E15
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Jeffrey is a dive industry titan specialising in all areas of technical, cave and rebreather diving. He’s logged more than 20 years experience at the pointy end of diver and instructor development, and is also the owner of GoPro Asia and Bans Technical Diving, based on Koh Tao, Thailand. 

His qualifications include multi-agency accreditations, such as a PADI Course Director and Technical Instructor Trainer, TDI/SDI Course Director, Instructor Trainer for RAID International (which is the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic dive agency), Raid Cave 2 Instructor, TDI Full Cave Instructor, and Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer for all 3 agencies.

Jeff is also an instructor for the world’s 3 leading exploration rebreathers: the JJCCR, the XCCR and the SF2.  He’s certified well over 1000 divers in technical, rebreather and cave diving as well as countless technical diving instructors at all levels of their diver training.

Jeff is a member of international dive teams assembled for scientific research and exploration objectives.  Two of these currently include Major Projects Foundations led by Dr Matt Carter as well as Bottomline Projects, led by close friend and trusted dive buddy, Mikko Paasi.

Intro to Jeffrey Glenn
Course Director to Technical diving Instructor Trainer
How to get into tech
HMS Olympus, Malta
Benefits to technical diving
Intro to tech course content
Mastery of skills - Next level!
Intimate training - The way ahead
To double or to side mount...
What's your end goal - what do you require from tech?
Why go so deep, what's the point?
What comes after extended range?
Advantages of rebreathers
Will Goodman's 300m dive - Deep support
Shearwater computers
Fins - the right model for the job
Up and coming expeditions
Wrap up and OzTec...