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Graham Willis - The Dive Spots of New South Wales - S02 E16

December 02, 2021 Matt Waters / Graham Willis Season 2 Episode 16
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Graham Willis - The Dive Spots of New South Wales - S02 E16
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Graham Willis is a professional dive Instructor operating out of Frog Dive, Sydney, Australia.  Having lived in Sydney for over 30 years it's a fair assumption that Graham knows a lot of the dives sites pretty well and during a chance meeting via mutual friends Graham began chatting with a chap about writing books, namely dive books; Johan Boshoff has the experience of creating publications and with Grahams knowledge of New South Wales the book was born.

With 240 dive locations, details about the dive site and considerable detail about the location and local amenities , this book is perfect for the adventurous diver wishing to explore the NSW coastline.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Graham's book you can reach him via Frog Dive in Sydney, via Facebook or the link below.  We will also have a link available on the soon to be released new Scuba GOAT website too!

The Dive Spots of New South Wales

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Grahams background
South Africa
Frog Dive, Sydney
The evolution of the book...
Avoid NAM Air (Incorrectly announced NAD but meaning NAM)
Macro lense and Whale calves...