Tales from Aztlantis

Episode 17: Indigenizing Archaeology!

July 29, 2021 Kurly Tlapoyawa & Ruben Arellano Tlakatekatl Season 1 Episode 17
Tales from Aztlantis
Episode 17: Indigenizing Archaeology!
Show Notes

A new generation of Indigenous scholars are challenging the colonial frameworks that continue to deeply influence institutions of knowledge and power. The burgeoning field of Indigenous Archaeology offers broad critiques of Western and colonial archaeological thought and practice, while fostering archaeologies that are respectful of Indigenous people’s experiences and beliefs. Join us as archaeologists demonstrate how, through their unique lived experiences as Indigenous people, the field of Indigenous archaeology operates as a broad spectrum of approaches that promotes and prioritizes Indigenous cultures and values. 

-Wade Campbell (Diné), Ph.D. Candidate, Harvard University
-Tim Wilcox (Diné), Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford University
-Nick Laluk (White Mountain Apache), Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Northern Arizona University
-Kurly Tlapyoyawa, (Chicano/Nawa/Mazewalli), Founder, Chimalli Institute of Mesoamerican Arts

Program organized and moderated by Dr. Joseph (Woody) Aguilar (San Ildefonso Pueblo). 

This series would not be possible without the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture. 

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