Business Growth Talks

Ibrahim Abdel Rahim, who is Managing Partner at Moonbase Capital.

November 21, 2022 Mark Hayward Season 5 Episode 391
Business Growth Talks
Ibrahim Abdel Rahim, who is Managing Partner at Moonbase Capital.
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Show Notes

This is a podcast where I talk to my guests about their journey to success. We talk about their education, experience, current business, and future endeavours. 

A feature length episode with Ibrahim Abdel Rahim, who is Managing Partner at Moonbase Capital. 

This interview is something different, we cover an area of business that I wasn’t aware of. 

Ibrahim talks about his early experience in his father’s business. He then spent time in management consulting where he learned a ton. He then re-joined his father’s business and sold it to a larger company, then grew this business. 

Ibrahim spent time at Stanford where Search Funds were a hot topic and he decided to start a business. Search Funds are a way to buy and grow SMEs with the right investor/mentor. We go into a lot of detail about Search Funds, which you might find useful. 

 We discuss his future plans for his business Moonbase Capital which is very interesting. The quick-fire round is revealing.


Enjoy the podcast! 

3.30 – What does a business mindset mean to you?

4.20 – How do you build team in your career?

8.08 – Ibrahim joined his father’s family business

10.50 – Learning from his time in a consulting company

15.29 – Doehler buying his father’s business and ran it with 600 employees

17.24 – How to scale a business

19.42 – Being inspired by Search Funds with an explanation

23.23 – Building a Search Fund business

28.44 – Finding the right business for searchers

30.38 – Finding the hidden gem for buying businesses

32.55 – Success of Search Funds

36.28 – Countries in Europe that are having success in Search Funds

38.16 – Ibrahim’s business partners at Moonbase

40.01 – The plan for next few years

42.11 – Quick fire questions

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