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Pet food entrepreneur discusses the impact of carbs on pet obesity with Daniel Schulof

July 23, 2023 Mark Hayward Season 5 Episode 426
Business Growth Talks
Pet food entrepreneur discusses the impact of carbs on pet obesity with Daniel Schulof
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Show Notes

Daniel Shuloff is a writer, activist, and pet food entrepreneur. He is the founder of Keto Natural Pet Foods, a company that specializes in low-carb dog food. Daniel is also the author of the book "Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma," which explores the problem of obesity in pets and the role of diet in their health.

Daniel Shuloff, writer, activist, and pet food entrepreneur, joins the podcast to discuss his journey in the pet food industry and the importance of a low-carb diet for pets. He shares how his own experience as a dog owner led him to start a business focused on providing high-quality, low-carb dog food. Daniel explains the science behind the link between carbohydrates and obesity in pets and highlights the challenges faced by pet owners in making informed decisions about their pets' nutrition. He also discusses the role of the veterinary community and the need for better regulation in the pet food industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • A low-carb diet is essential for pets to prevent obesity and maintain good health.
  • The pet food industry often misleads consumers about the carbohydrate content of their products.
  • Daniel's company, Keto Natural Pet Foods, offers truly low-carb dog food as a healthier alternative.
  • The veterinary community has been influenced by large pet food companies, making it challenging to promote low-carb diets.
  • Daniel's book, "Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma," provides valuable insights into the science behind pet nutrition and the need for better consumer education.

0:00:15 | Introduction to Podcast Introduction Group
0:02:27 | Introduction to Daniel Shuloff
0:04:22 | Definition of a business mindset
0:07:57 | Ultimate responsibility as an entrepreneur
0:10:40 | Aspiring to be a lawyer
0:18:15 | Transitioning from law to the pet industry
0:19:23 | Setting up Varsity Pets
0:30:10 | Science behind low carb dog food
0:37:06 | Definition of being an activist
0:43:49 | Best decision made: Leaving law practice
0:45:15 | Best advice received: Don't aim to please everyone
0:46:28 | Person who helped most: Gary Taubes
0:48:10 | Regret: Taking too long to make a career change
0:50:18 | What is most proud of: Making the career change
0:51:50 | Definition of legacy
0:53:07 | Contact information for Daniel Shuloff

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