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Ep. 9 | Bitcoin, Passive Real Estate Investing, Economic Status in America. Monetary Policy

December 12, 2021 Joseph Bramante Season 1 Episode 12
Engineered Wealth Podcast
Ep. 9 | Bitcoin, Passive Real Estate Investing, Economic Status in America. Monetary Policy
Show Notes

“The world should never be perfectly fair in outcome because everyone's gonna earn based on the effort they put in you've actually obviously busted your ass and built an incredible business as have I. Why should the guy laying on the couch eating Cheetos and get the same outcome? So the outcome isn't fair. But what is fair is the opportunity that the money will be consistent for every person on planet earth.” - Bobby Shell 

In this episode of The Engineering Passive Income Show, Joseph is joined by Bobby Shell as he discusses the implications of utilizing bitcoin - the impact to the financial framework and monetary freedom through transitioning from a debt-based to an equity-based society.

Bobby graduated from the University of West Florida, School of Business with a degree in Marketing/Sales Management, and has over 20 years of marketing and sales experience. Bobby currently serves as VP of Marketing at Voltage. Cloud is a leading Bitcoin infrastructure provider and serves as a Marketing Partner at Growth Vue Properties, a commercial multifamily syndication group. From 2013 - 2021, Bobby served as Director of Marketing at Madwire/Marketing360. He quickly became the top producer of the agency and successfully led a team of 40+ team members in scaling 1,000+ businesses while managing millions of dollars monthly. Bobby’s passions are helping entrepreneurs scale their business and creating financial freedom, Bitcoin Education, real estate investing, and helping men live fulfilling lives. Bobby is also Co-Founder of Grit Investments, a capital investment company in Northern Colorado. 

[00:01 - 07:19] The Boon and Bane of Bitcoin Utilization

[07:20 - 16:59] The Implications of Decentralization on Monetary Systems

[17:00 - 23:29] Divulging the Downfall of the Fiat Currency and Rise of Cryptocurrency

[23:30 - 27:22] A Peek of the Future of the Bitcoin Society

[27:23 - 27:44]  Wrapping Up! 

Key Quote

“What I think will happen is as economies get more productive as we get off of this fiat system because every fiat currency has failed historically, typically, they fail every 25 years or so the dollar because we have such a strong wall, we've lasted a lot longer, we're really getting close to the point where the dollar is failing.” - Bobby Shell 

Resources Mentioned

The Byzantine Generals Problem

The Game Theory

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