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Ep. 10 | Bitcoin, Passive Real Estate Investing, Economic Status in America. Monetary Policy Pt. 2

December 19, 2021 Joseph Bramante Season 1 Episode 13
Engineered Wealth Podcast
Ep. 10 | Bitcoin, Passive Real Estate Investing, Economic Status in America. Monetary Policy Pt. 2
Show Notes

“Not everyone gets a fair outcome, but everyone has a fair shot at this, you know, decentralized protocol where everything has been baked into the code where it's not chained... That's not going to change at the whim of some billionaire who wants to, you know, shift the incentives for his desire.” - Bobby Shell

On this episode of The Engineering Passive Income Show, Joseph is joined by Bobby Shell again to continue the discussion about why governments are failing in response to the domination of bitcoin, how physical assets are diminishing in value, and how the disruptions by the decentralized currency causes the need for industries to shift valuation methods.

Bobby graduated from the University of West Florida, School of Business with a degree in Marketing/Sales Management, and has over 20 years of marketing and sales experience. Bobby currently serves as VP of Marketing at Voltage. Cloud is a leading Bitcoin infrastructure provider and serves as a Marketing Partner at Growth Vue Properties, a commercial multifamily syndication group. From 2013 - 2021, Bobby served as Director of Marketing at Madwire/Marketing360. He quickly became the top producer of the agency and successfully led a team of 40+ team members in scaling 1,000+ businesses while managing millions of dollars monthly. Bobby’s passions are helping entrepreneurs scale their business and creating financial freedom, Bitcoin Education, real estate investing, and helping men live fulfilling lives. Bobby is also Co-Founder of Grit Investments, a capital investment company in Northern Colorado. 

[00:01 - 06:06] The Authority’s Chaotic Approaches in Response to Bitcoin

[06:07 - 16:25] Disruptions in the Real Estate and Banking Industries

[16:26 - 23:29] Bitcoin Progression and Implications to Financial Planning

[23:30 - 25:35] Get Into the Game and Step Into Freedom 

[25:36 - 28:02]  Wrapping Up! 

Key Quotes

“The thing about Bitcoin is you can actually, with open source code, create your own wallet. The Bitcoin Blockchain continues on regardless of what the government wants to do.” - Bobby Shell 

“The reason people buy, you know, real estate, and then like, the reason people's net worth is tied up in their home is because it's hard for them to get anything else and build wealth. You know, like, that's the net worth of most people.” - Bobby Shell 

Resources Mentioned

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin by Vijay Boyapati

The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous

Gradually, Then Suddenly By Parker Lewis

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