The Native Cowgirl

Living in a Throw-Away Society

April 29, 2021 Cheyenne Glade Wilson Season 1 Episode 5
The Native Cowgirl
Living in a Throw-Away Society
Show Notes

What do you do with household items that are no longer needed or no longer working?

For so many people today, the answer is that they throw it away. 

But ranch life is different. From rope to coffee cans, from horseshoes to truck parts, almost everything can be repurposed!!

Not only does it save time and money for the rancher, but it is a responsible way to serve the environment. 

Cheyenne will explain how she and her family practice a "waste not, want not" mentality on their ranch...and why!

Who is Cheyenne??

She loves helping rural entrepreneurs level up in what they are passionate about. This includes updating company branding, amplifying social media platforms, increasing website traffic, one-on-one coaching for business/personal growth, etc.

She has been able to build her business from the ground up earning 7-figures in only three years -- in the middle of nowhere.

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