Female Founders Breaking Boundaries

An Easy Button for Easily Distracted Entrepreneurs with Amber Hawley

October 28, 2021 Casey Gromer Episode 28
Female Founders Breaking Boundaries
An Easy Button for Easily Distracted Entrepreneurs with Amber Hawley
Show Notes

Whether you have been diagnosed as neurodivergent or not, modern-day entrepreneurship is built with distractions that may steer you off the path of your goals. That’s why episode 28 of Female Founders Breaking Boundaries is about an easy button for easily distracted entrepreneurs! 

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In this episode of Female Founders Breaking Boundaries, my guest Amber Hawley shares the importance of reframing your negative self-talk around distraction and actionable steps you can take right now to work in the ways your brain works best instead of trying to fit the mold that society tells you is the “correct” way. Some of the things Amber and I cover in this episode are: 

  • The freedom you feel once you accept how your brain works and to work with it not against it. 
  • Hiring a team to back you in the areas you may struggle with to increase growth and productivity. 
  • Using Amber’s A.D.D. framework to re-prioritize your task load and avoid burnout. 
  • The number one strategy to use in order to allocate your time efficiently and stay on the right path. 
  • Tips to remain focused or get back on track when you inevitably lose that focus. 

It is not always about productivity but efficiency. Even then, efficiency does not equal perfection. 

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