Steamy Stories

3. Bicycle Short

April 05, 2021 JC Calciano & Ben Palacios
Steamy Stories
3. Bicycle Short
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"The officer shined the flashlight in Randy's face... and then in his lap."

Steamy Stories is written by JC Calciano and narrated by Ben Palacios.
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Steamy Stories are mostly true stories about real men who have hot encounters and romantic interludes.

Steamy Stories is written by JC Calciano, the creator of STEAM ROOM STORIES, and narrated by Ben Palacios and Casey Alcostor.

Steam Room Stories is a sketch comedy Youtube Series starring the world’s hottest men. Steam Room Stories is an award-winning show that tells comedic short stories about sexy gay and straight men in a steam room. 

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well look who came back for more! I'm Ben Palacios and you're listening to Steamy Stories written by JC Calciano. This is bicycle short. Randy had just finished a long day cycling his favorite hiking trails it was a grueling but invigorating 30-mile ride through some of the most extreme yet gorgeous terrain Utah has to offer. At 25 years old and standing a lean, six foot two, Randy was quite the looker. His light olive skin perfectly complemented his striking blue eyes and wavy brilliant chestnut hair. Acting and modeling were his day jobs but Randy's true love was the great outdoors and pushing his body to its limits. Now back at his jeep, he peeled off his sweat drenched shirt and poured bracing ice water over his head. Ah heaven! The perfect way to end an incredible trek. Standing there in his bike shorts shirtless and dripping wet he thought - This is freedom! After cooling down, Randy dried off with a towel and slipped on a fresh cotton shirt and flip-flops. His t-shirt stuck to his still-sweating sculpted pecs and chiseled abs. Without even intending to, he was sexy as hell. All packed up, he set forth on the long drive home - with plenty of drinking water and protein bars on hand so he wouldn't have to stop for dinner. As he drove, the surrounding beauty hypnotized him. The setting sun painted the sky a gorgeous spectrum of pinks and purples. With the wind blowing in his hair and radio blasting classic rock, he failed to notice he was driving well above the speed limit. Piercing his quiet meditation was a shrieking siren signaling that it wanted his attention. In the rearview mirror he could see a state trooper motioning him to pull over. Once safely on the side of the road, Randy sat quietly at the wheel and waited for the patrol man to approach. The sun was almost set now and delivered a last dazzling display of light before the nightfall. A flashlight beamed into his eyes. Randy rolled down the window - You got any idea how fast you were going son? - I had no idea i was speeding, he replied courteously. -My mind must have wandered with the beautiful sunset and this long stretch of empty road. -This is god's country, no denying that. The officer shined the flashlight on Randy's face and then into his lap. Randy couldn't help but notice that the police officer was certainly someone who enjoyed his time at the gym. He had impressive physique, with a well-defined jawline and romanesque nose. This cop was a stone cold stud! -What are you wearing there stretchy pants? The officer's flashlight focused on Randy's crotch. Randy was aware that his spandex shorts left nothing to the imagination. Since he was blessed with a substantial appendage, there was no way he could hide the fact that he was becoming aroused. A distraction was needed quickly in order to stop his pant python from getting loose. -They are bicycling pants, Sir. You could see that there's a bike and rack on the car. I wear these when I ride. -You're not getting smart with me Junior are ya? The cop peeked over the top of his sunglasses revealing the most perfect green eyes. Randy's heart skipped a beat. The officer continued, California plates, you're obviously one of those LA pretty-boys. Randy decided to take a chance and do some subtle flirting hoping that it might get him out of this jam. -Yes, sir that's exactly what I am. And judging from the way you fit into that uniform, with those hulking biceps you're a badass Utah patrol man. The officer snickered, -You got that right young man and maybe this badass cop should teach you a lesson? Before Randy's brain could stop him his mouth, he blurted out, -Yes, Maybe a lesson in the backseat of your cruiser is just what I need? Plus, I see you've got a set of handcuffs there! The patrol man stopped dead in his tracks and stared Randy down. Clearly he had just crossed a line. Randy gulped as the officer carefully thought about the next words he'd say to him. The officer clicked off his flashlight and stated, -Why don't you get the hell out of here? Go back to where you came from! The cop turned and headed back to his patrol car. Randy's adrenaline was skyrocketing. Was he really letting him go?! His heart still pounding and his cycling shorts were now tighter than ever. That was crazy dangerous, and oh so hot! Randy rolled up his window, put the jeep into drive and quickly drove away. What the hell did I just say to that cop?! Am I insane holy crap! Randy blasted the radio set his cruise control to 55 mph and drove his jeep toward the county line as quick as he could. Ten minutes later, and a mere five miles before the California border, Randy heard another siren and saw flashing red lights in the rearview mirror. Once again he pulled over to the side of the road and rolled down the window. He waited. He was well aware that he wasn't speeding. When the officer approached Randy. He was shocked to see that it was the same cop as before! Before Randy could even speak the officer swung open the car door and forced him out of his jeep. Two massive arms flipped him around and pushed him against the hot hood of the vehicle. The officer forcibly twisted Randy's arms behind him and handcuffed him tightly. -What did I do! What's going on? The cop leaned toward Randy and growled, - You have the right to shut the hell up! The officer walked Randy to the back of his patrol car and swung open the cruiser door. With a forceful shove Randy flopped forward like a rag doll face down onto the back seat. That was when he heard the unmistakable sound of a heavy metal belt being unbuckled, followed by a the sound of a steel zipper. -Is this what you wanted, you smart ass son-of-a-bitch? Randy gasped then held his breath. The officer was role-playing with him. Randy had never been this turned on in his entire life! -Uh, yeah, definitely! The officer climbed on top of Randy and whispered softly in his ear. -The name's McCully. I patrol these parts every Sunday between 5 pm and midnight. Randy let out a small giggle, -Well if this is what I get for going 10 miles over the speed limit next week I might have to commit a felony! Enjoy JC's writing? Then check out his new book, REVENGE OF THE BROBOT! You can join the Steam Room Stories bros as one of them finds love with an amorous android while on the run from a merciless Marine! REVENGE OF THE BROBOT is now available on Amazon in softcover, hardcover or audible. 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