Steamy Stories

8. The Movie Star

June 07, 2021 JC Calciano & Ben Palacios
Steamy Stories
8. The Movie Star
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“Trust me, just briefs are the way to go, but your call – whatever makes you most comfortable.”

Steamy Stories is written by JC Calciano and narrated by Ben Palacios.
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Steamy stories podcast is a gay podcast where bromance becomes bromosexual. Sexy gay men have their stories told by a hot hunk every month. Steamy Stories is an LGBTQ and gay podcast about gay love, friendship, and hookups. If you’re looking for a podcast where you’ll hear stories about hot and sexy gay men finding love in a new and titillating way every month, then please tune into Steamy Stories.

Steamy Stories are mostly true stories about real men who have hot encounters and romantic interludes.

Steamy Stories is written by JC Calciano, the creator of STEAM ROOM STORIES, and narrated by Ben Palacios and Casey Alcostor.

Steam Room Stories is a sketch comedy Youtube Series starring the world’s hottest men. Steam Room Stories is an award-winning show that tells comedic short stories about sexy gay and straight men in a steam room. 

Steamy Stories is a wonderful companion to Steam Room Stories, so if you enjoy one, you’ll love them both.

Steam Room Stories has served the LGBTQ, gay, bi, trans, queer, and straight audiences for over a decade. The show was created to provide inclusive, fun, sexy programming for everyone.  The intention of Steam Room Stories is never to offend but to educate and titillate. 

If you enjoy gay stories or LGBTQ short tales, please listen and share both STEAM ROOM STORIES and STEAMY STORIES.

We love telling gay stories and hope you enjoy listening to them!

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hey it's your host ben palacios if you've been enjoying steamy stories please rate and review us on apple podcasts in fact do it now it takes a lot of work to get a new podcast off the ground and the more ratings and reviews we have the easier it is to spread the word and if you share the podcast on instagram or twitter i ben palacios will send you a selfie just make sure to tag at steamypodcast i hope i don't regret that thanks for listening to steamy stories written by jc calciano this is the movie star todd was handsome with striking good looks and a strong toned body his short sandy blonde hair and clean-shaven face made him appear a lot more conservative than he was although he considered himself average in the looks department in truth he was far from it todd had been fascinated by movies his whole life and his dream was to one day move to hollywood and learn how to make them finally when he turned 25 he saved up enough money to move to california todd found the perfect apartment in the perfect location it was directly across from paramount pictures with a clear view of the hollywood sign barely a month passed when he spotted an opportunity online for an entry-level assistant position at the studio across the street todd quickly applied with his resume a photo and a thank you letter as he hit send on the job application his expectations were low but his hopes were high he longed for the opportunity to impress an executive with his strong midwestern work ethic a few hours later his phone buzzed indicating an email was received thank you for your resume we can interview you tomorrow at 3 o'clock paramount pictures bradbury building number 401 we look forward to meeting you he couldn't help but be excited and the next 24 hours till the interview seemed a lifetime away three o'clock couldn't come soon enough at 2 45 pm todd arrived for his interview 15 minutes early and dressed casually and smartly with tan chinos a crisp button-down shirt and a royal blue tie at 3 p.m on the dot an energetic young woman entered the room hello thanks for coming i'm claire if you're ready please come in ready hell yeah i'm ready he thought to himself determined to ace this interview todd excitedly followed claire into a lush grand office where she directed him towards a plush leather seat she winked as she exited good luck he sat fighting the urge to fidget a few moments later another adjoining door opened from the far side of the room and before todd could give it a second thought a man about his age entered wearing a fitted black t-shirt jeans and motorcycle boots he was trim yet muscular with a strong handsome face his sparkling blue eyes and full head of luscious dark hair made him striking to look at there was no denying he was gorgeous exuding charisma he approached todd sporting a million dollar smile damn if this guy's going to be my boss i'll work here for free todd chuckled to himself he continued to amuse himself thinking this dude is a dead ringer for the movie star sam sterling but only way hotter ah better act cool don't speak unless spoken to the man extended his hand with the greeting so i'm told that you're here to tell me about the church of latter-day saints he chuckled quietly at his own joke todd was baffled does he really think i'm a mormon is he making fun of me the man instantly softened ah sorry i have a terrible sense of humor that was a stupid joke i couldn't help myself i hate interviews i never know what to ask the sexy hunk pleaded for forgiveness with his sincere big beautiful eyes it suddenly occurred to todd where he was he was inside the world's most prestigious movie studio and the guy interviewing him was indeed the world's biggest movie star sam sterling the rest of the interview became a blur are you okay you look like you just saw a ghost sam inquired with a healthy bit of concern as he offered him a glass of water todd swallowed quickly as he attempted to keep his composure no sir i'm no i'm fine i'm just a big fan never in a million years did i think i'd actually ever meet you todd fought to catch his breath i hope that's not going to be an issue with you being able to do this job he sat behind his desk and made himself comfortable i really am just a regular guy who happens to be a successful actor yes sir i mean mr sterling please just sam listen todd i need an assistant not a fan someone to travel with me take calls book hotels keep my schedule nothing tough but it will require a person to work hard and be really committed if you could do that you've got the job but you really need to think of me as just another dude todd knew he'd be lying to say he could be anything other than impressed by sam but he wanted this job he knew the correct answer was to say of course he could do the tasks asked of him and that he wouldn't think of him as a celebrity so with the hearty shake of a hand and a cool smile todd accepted the job and was told to start on monday several months passed and todd's employment with sam worked out terrifically he genuinely liked sam and if he weren't his boss he could easily imagine the two of them being besties work took them all over the globe sam had meetings in europe asia and the middle east to name a few and now he was gearing up to shoot a major motion picture for the studio in paris are you ready to spend a year abroad sam asked excitedly do you have your passport heck yes to both i'm ready when you are my bags are practically already packed todd replied in a gleeful tone sam smiled clearly finding his tireless enthusiasm adorable it was one weekend in paris about two months after filming began when sam suggested the two of them spend their saturday doing something unexpected go-kart racing todd playfully scoffed at the suggestion of actually racing sam he knew all too well that a few years prior sam starred in a racing movie and had been trained by professional drivers come on it'll be fun sam promised we need a break from all this movie crap you'll have a blast i swear it todd arrived at the speedy racers go-kart track but the large raceway was eerily quiet where are all the people the staff the guests the cars racing across the room he spotted sam instant relief came over him as he made his way over to greet his boss what's up with this place being empty i thought it was abandoned when i walked in i rented the whole place out so we could race without being disturbed did you think i could have the public here with us as i tried to relax plus i thought it'd be more fun if it was just you and i on the track sam flashed him a multi-million dollar smile todd quickly remembered why sam was a movie star come on here's a jumper let's get changed in race he excitedly tossed him a helmet to go along with the protective overalls todd found an empty locker for his phone and personal effects he kicked off his shoes and stepped into the protective jumper although it was a medium it easily fit over his jeans a casual glance over to the next locker revealed sam folding his jeans and t-shirt and carefully placing them on the top shelf of the locker todd stopped dead in his tracks his expression was something between surprise and confusion sam stood confidently in his white cotton briefs fully disrobed there was no denying he looked ridiculously sexy his body was perfectly proportioned and resembled a greek statue carved of marble as todd gasped at the sight of him he somehow managed to ask his boss why are you in your underwear sam chuckled i wear as little as i can under the jumper it restricts essential movement needed to maneuver the go-kart todd wasn't sold uh okay really trust me just briefs are the way to go but you're cool whatever makes you most comfortable mate as todd remained clothed sam stepped into the jumper and adjusted the zipper which was located just below his underwear's waistband the unzipped jumper made no effort to cover sam's muscular chest and six-pack abs the jumper somehow made him look even sexier than the briefs alone what was happening todd was confused was sam coming on to him was he attracted to guys to todd could this be happening todd wasn't sure what to do what to say he decided there was just one way to handle this situation and that was to address it directly with a deep breath he mustered the strength to be honest and just say it dude i'm sorry if i'm being obtuse but are we just two guys racing on a saturday or is this another kind of invitation sam stood earnestly looking at todd i know you've heard all the rumors the truth is i like to play with whomever i find fun and attractive you happen to fit that description if this is something you'd like to happen then i'm up for it if not not a problem todd stood shocked at the relaxed tone with which sam explained the situation the world's sexiest man the biggest movie star in the world a guy who could sleep with almost anyone on the planet did he really just choose me to come on to what came out of todd's mouth next surprised both of them make you a deal let's race winner decides what the next move will be sam laughed [Laughter] i like that you're on like two flirtatious teens they jumped in their respective go cars and waited for the green light to illuminate go their engines roared and the two men raced their hearts out around the track around and around it was neck and neck with each lap glances were exchanged by both men in the final round sam pulled ahead by a significant margin it was clear that todd didn't stand a chance of winning as the finish line approached sam jammed on the brakes his go-karts screaming to a full stop a mere two feet from victory todd's go-kart raced by for the easy win as he screamed past the line todd jumped from the tiny car and pulled off his helmet you threw the race we both know that you let me win todd was mildly annoyed at the situation sam grinned calmly i didn't throw the race i allowed you to finish first todd didn't like being patronized and why would you just let me win confidently his boss replied so that you may decide what we do next todd's frustration gave way to an impish smile he understood and appreciated what sam did for him how is it possible that the world's hottest guy just got even sexier to him todd stepped up to his boss and grasped the jumpsuit zipper that was pulled up near his neck he playfully pulled it down as slowly as he could sam's jumper opened widely all the way past his belly button now fully accessible todd reached into sam's briefs sam was surprised and delighted at todd's assertiveness todd leaned forward and whispered let's consider this race just a warm up i hope you're prepared to go a few laps with me he firmly grasped sam's impressive equipment with his hand i can see that you're already in pole position todd playfully pushed the jumper off of sam's shoulders causing it to fall on the floor revealing him standing there once again in nothing but his white cotton briefs todd leaned forward and kissed sam passionately sam returned the favor by unzipping todd's jumper and asking now don't you wish you took those jeans off alia todd whispered softly as he kissed sam even deeper nope i'd prefer you to do it sam happily obliged since it was todd who won the race [Music] [Applause] if you liked this episode rate and review us on apple podcasts it really does help more people find out about the pod and also if you share us on social media and tag at steamypodcast i will send you a selfie steamy stories is written by jc calciano and narrated by yours truly ben palacios you can find steamy stories on instagram and twitter at steamypodcast our logo photography is by kevin mcdermott come back soon for another steamy story later bro [Music] you