Steamy Stories

Season 3 announcement

October 12, 2021 JC Calciano. Ben Palacios & Casey Alcoser
Steamy Stories
Season 3 announcement
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Season 3 of STEAMY STORIES is just around the corner.  Join Casey as he's joined by the Steam Room Stories studs Ray and Tyler to prepare for the next set of stories! ]

See how STEAMY STORIES podcast's stories are inspired.

written by JC Calciano, narrated by Casey Alcoser,

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Hi its me, Casey and this is STEAMY STORIES, the podcast where Bromance becomes Bromosexual. Today Ill be telling you a.


Knocking on the door. Today, Ill be Knocking on the door. Sorry, excuse me, this is certainly awkward. Door open Hey Casey its us! Your Steam Room Stories Bros! Uh, Do I know you? Duh, its Ray and TYLER from Steam Room Stories! You are aware that this is STEAMY STORIES. the PODCAST, not STEAM ROOM STORIES the SERIES. We know dude. its all good! Were all bros here! STEAMY STORIES is part of the STEAM ROOM STORIES universe. Yeah, like the Marvel or DC comics universe. I think you may have overshot on that one, but you get the idea, whether its Steamy stories or STEAM ROOM STORIES, were all here for one reason, and thats to put a smile on the fans faces. Ah, well, in that case, its nice to meet you and certainly helpful, but Im in the middle of welcoming them to Season 3 of Steamy Stories. Thats why we are here. Because its SEASON 3, and we wanted see if theres something we can do to help launch the next eight episodes of the podcast! Well Now that you mention it... since youre all in this tight, hot, recording booth practically pressed against each other, and you guys are wearing only skimpy towels

Yeah, Tyler, I wanted to ask about that:

Why are we only wearing towels? Hey No explanation needed. Im not complaining. (beat) Do you feel like maybe the three of us can making our own steamy story right here, right now? Uh Tyler. Thoughts? Its for the fans, right Casey? Of course its for the fans. Theyre here for STEAMY STORIES and I say we give them one... Who are we to disappoint them? the fans are always asking if we wear anything under these towels when we film? Well, it looks like todays story may not only be steamy story, but it could be a mystery as well (in announcer voice) Todays story, is the case of Whats under the towel (back to himself). Hmm. Yup. I like the sound of that. Well then, what are we waiting for? Lets do this! Whoa, whoa. Calm down cowboy. We have to wait for Season 3 to officially begin, and thats in two weeks! Yeah, bro. Put that towel back on Or dont. Your choice. (To fans) Either way, Tune in again, in a few weeks for SEASON THREE of STEAMY STORIES! and dont forget to rent our movie, STEAM ROOM STORIES THE MOVIE and read our book, Revenge of the BROBOT! later bros.