The Purposeful Wealth Podcast

Gifting to Children

December 15, 2021 Jonathan Gibson Season 1 Episode 29
The Purposeful Wealth Podcast
Gifting to Children
Show Notes

In this episode, Jonathan Gibson discusses legacy planning and the issue of how to best pass on your wealth to the next generation.

Gifting to children whilst you're still alive is something becoming more prevalent in society, as people want to see the benefits of their gift whilst they are still alive. Yet, it is important to consider if a generous gift could unduly affect your own retirement plans - and this is where an experienced financial planner can help advise the best course of action.


This podcast is hosted by Jonathan Gibson, the Managing Director of
Wells Gibson Limited. He is a Chartered Financial Planner, Certified
Financial Planner Professional and Chartered Wealth Manager.

Jonathan Gibson is also the author of the book "Purposeful Wealth - How to bring Clarity, Contentment and Certainty to your Financial Life."

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