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Mobeno Solar Solutions

March 09, 2023 Shed Geek Podcast Season 3 Episode 11
Shed Geek Podcast
Mobeno Solar Solutions
Show Notes

 On this episode of the Shed Geek Podcast Shannon speaks with Erez Halfon of Mobeno Solar Solutions. Erez created the Zulu ventilation unit to help bring cleaner air into your garage. The Zulu unit is comprised of 3 fans and powered by a magnetic solar panel allowing for a wire free solution to getting air circulation into your garage. You can leave the Zulu on 24/7 and you not only be purifying the air by keeping it from become stagnant, but also eliminating the threat of mold and allergy build up.

On the episode I mentioned to Erez it could perhaps be altered as a product to help replace the traditionally used louvered gable vents. The Zulu would help to create air movements as opposed to simply allowing for heat to exit without assistance. Erez is looking to connect with industry leaders, particularly manufacturing experts better speak on the application of the product. He is humble, kind, and hospitable and my favorite part of all creative. Give Erez a call if especially if you are moving a lot of portable garages, this product is a simple install and very creative.

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