SheRecovery Podcast with Crystal Renaud Day

S3 E5: Whole New Year - Confession - Life & Death in the Power of Words

January 31, 2022 Crystal Renaud Day and Gina Renaud Season 3 Episode 5
SheRecovery Podcast with Crystal Renaud Day
S3 E5: Whole New Year - Confession - Life & Death in the Power of Words
Show Notes

In S3E5 of the SheRecovery Podcast, you'll hear from Crystal Renaud Day along with her mom and special guest Gina Renaud as they walk through 90 Days to Wholeness™ recovery devotional in our Whole New Year series. In this week's episode, Crystal and Gina continue their discussion on the second step in the devotional confession by  introducing a form of confession you may not be familiar with:  Affirmation.

Affirmation is defined as:

  1. the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed. It’s a declaration, statement or assurance that something is true.
  2. emotional support or encouragement.

 Affirmations should be positive and true, but many of us have only heard negative things declared about us from parents, boyfriends, classmates, etc. like, “you are ugly,” “you will never amount to anything,” or “you’re not good enough.” A number of us have made own own negative statements about ourselves when we mess up or make a mistake.

After a while we start to believe them, and our soul becomes damaged. Many women have unknowingly turned to pornography, masturbation and other sexual behaviors as a means of soothing or covering up their hurts.

Scripture says there is life and death in the power of words. Listen as Crystal and Gina share steps to break the hold of negative words and beliefs and how to heal the damage they have caused. 

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