The Sensitive Rebel

Laura Tucker Helps Steve Free His Inner Guru

October 13, 2021 Steve McCready Season 1 Episode 23
The Sensitive Rebel
Laura Tucker Helps Steve Free His Inner Guru
Show Notes

Laura Tucker is a writer, photographer, podcaster, and recovering coach. She and I connected a while back, and in discussing our ideas about personal growth, coaching, gurus, and more, came up with the idea of a podcast swap … and then took it to another level by swapping the guest & host roles. So, in this episode, Laura took the host chair and interviewed me!

Here’s some of what we talked about: 

  • How I accidentally became a professional artist
  • My journey from IT to therapy and coaching 
  • Differences between therapy and coaching
  • What I’m rebelling against 
  • The ‘big why’ behind my coaching work 
  • What’s a Sensitive rebel, anyway?
  • What’s an HSP?
  • How sensitivity can be a strength. 
  • My Instagram ‘strategy’
  • Why I started a podcast, and some of my favorite ones to listen to
  • The power of music, and some of my favorite music. 
  • The importance of one’s physical environment

Definitely check out Laura’s Free Your Inner Guru podcast … a good place to start would be the ‘companion’ interview to this one - my interview of her, which is episode 93 of the Free Your Inner Guru podcast. We had a great conversation about her story, her experience with James Arthur Ray, and how the Sedona sweat lodge incident in 2009 which she was a part of affected her and informed her journey.

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