Relationship Radio: Marriage, Sex, Limerence & Avoiding Divorce

Surviving Infidelity

March 09, 2022 Dr. Joe Beam & Kimberly Beam Holmes: Experts in Fixing Marriages & Saving Relationships Season 3 Episode 2
Relationship Radio: Marriage, Sex, Limerence & Avoiding Divorce
Surviving Infidelity
Show Notes

You’ve decided to end your affair and go back to your spouse. But how do you do it? How honest do you need to be when they ask you details about your affair? Dr. Joe Beam and Kimberly Beam Holmes will give you their five keys to reconciling your marriage from the perspective of the person who cheated.

Affairs can cause hurt for both parties involved. Find out how to deal with the pain by using empathy, speaking truthfully but not hurtful, and other techniques perfected over the 23 years that Marriage Helper has been in business helping families. 

Do you want to save your marriage? That's what we'll be talking about today in this all-new season 3 of Relationship Radio.

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We exercise compassion and understanding to all couples and individuals we meet. We know no one is perfect, and people make mistakes. The best thing you can do is become better for yourself and the people who care.

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