Why Won't My Spouse Change?
Relationship Radio: Marriage, Sex, Limerence & Avoiding Divorce
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Relationship Radio: Marriage, Sex, Limerence & Avoiding Divorce
Why Won't My Spouse Change?
Sep 20, 2023 Season 6 Episode 1
Dr. Joe Beam & Kimberly Beam Holmes: Experts in Fixing Marriages & Saving Relationships

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What if the one thing standing in the way of a healthier, happier marriage is our belief that people can't change? Join us as we flip this myth on its head. We take a deep dive into the reasons behind why people change and how to create an environment that encourages your spouse to evolve in your marriage. We highlight an intriguing case study that shows how our beliefs about someone, and the way we treat them, can significantly influence their behavior and potential for change.

In the latter part of our chat, we explore the concept of behavior modification in the context of marriage. We discuss how behaviors that are rewarded tend to be repeated and how a lack of reward or negative consequences can discourage certain behaviors. But, instead of resorting to punishments, we suggest encouraging open conversations and rewarding desired behaviors. Listen to our insightful tips on how to foster meaningful conversations and create new behavior patterns in your marriage, all for the purpose of fostering a stronger, healthier relationship with your spouse. So, let's shatter the belief that people can't change and start opening doors for growth and improvement in our marriages.

Relationship Radio is hosted by CEO of Marriage Helper, Kimberly Beam Holmes, and founder of Marriage Helper, Dr. Joe Beam.

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