A Big Sur Podcast

# 9 Big Sur Kate! https://www.bigsurpodcast.org/

January 17, 2022 Magnus Toren, host Season 1 Episode 9
A Big Sur Podcast
# 9 Big Sur Kate! https://www.bigsurpodcast.org/
A Big Sur Podcast
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An hour conversation with Kate Novoa, aka Big Sur Kate, sitting at River Inn after a Multi Agency Council meeting. One of the conclusions Kate drew from this meeting was:

"We need young people to get engaged!"

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Kate's blog: https://bigsurkate.blog/

hoto: Laura Dickinson, the Tribune News.

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1969, I flew over Big Sur on my Honeymoon!
Law school with two kids, 2 and 7 years old.
What made you decide to join the army?
Down here we are Red-Neck Hippies!
How did you get to Big Sur? “Magic Circle” 1984
Big Sur. What is it?
One of those magical things that Big Sur does!
The Famous One with the 100 step stair, I bought that!
Mike Caplin got me involved in local issues...…
Federalization of Big Sur? What was it?
South Coast - North Coast / What is that all about??
How did you end up on the South Coast?
Are you especially proud of anything you did as a public defender?
Allen Harlan, arrested for stopping a turkey shoot!
A Lawyer in a Gift Shop at Pacific Valley!
Pacific Valley School, Philosophy and rocky roads…
Rowena. 53 kids! Rosalia, Melissa, Hope, Justin…
How did you find your Big Sur land?
The good thing about Gates!
THE STORY about the genesis of Big Sur Kate!
The Highway. A marriage to CalTrans!
What do you say to visitors to enhance their visit?
What is Highway One?
Social Life on the South Coast!?
Traffic? Are we destroying what we love?
Sycamore Canyon Road, A Canary in a Coal mine?
Multi Agency Council - We need young people!
Big Sur will tell you who you are.