Gina Pera's Adult ADHD Roller Coaster

What's Up with Concerta and General Stimulant Shortage?

January 27, 2023 Gina Pera
Gina Pera's Adult ADHD Roller Coaster
What's Up with Concerta and General Stimulant Shortage?
Show Notes

This podcast is the audio version of my latest blog post on:

  1. What's happening with Concerta's authorized-generic (brand sold as a generic, by Janssen subsidiary Patriot)?
  2. What about the general shortage of stimulants that started in fall 2022?
  3. What can consumers do now?

To read the full post, find the links, and follow the conversation in the comments:

Janssen Quietly Ends Concerta Authorized-Generic

CLARIFICATION: Readers have asked if Janssen will continue to manufacture Concerta. This requires continuing to produce its patented delivery system, Alza's OROS. 
I note in the podcast that Janssen reported plans in 2019 to continue phasing out production at its Vacaville, toward eventual closure.

Janssen continues to manufacture Concerta at its Puerto Rico plant. Perhaps it also makes the OROS capsules. I don't know. And I cannot find sources who will tell me.   Consumers are always the last to know, it seems.

Now, back to this podcast content:

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