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Working from Home

October 20, 2021 Chris & Nancy Pinto Season 1 Episode 17
Job Search SOS
Working from Home
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We'll give you our two cents on a hot topic that's been affecting employment for quite some time now - working from home! 

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CHRIS: Whether you asked for a job transition or not, searching for a new position can be scary, frustrating and disheartening.  Times and technologies change quickly, and there’s a lot to organize!  But the journey can just as easily be exciting, fruitful and rewarding.  I’m Chris Pinto. 

NANCY: And I’m Nancy Pinto.  Together we own Pinto Employment Search, an executive recruiting firm specializing in the supply chain and logistics industry.  You can learn more about us at  Our combined experience in transportation jobs and recruiting is over 50 years!  CHRIS: We’re here to help you navigate the world of resume writing, job applications, interviews, negotiating compensation, and everything in between - to help you land the job you want!  

NANCY: We will also regularly drop a bonus episode where we announce current job openings we’re working on.  It’s set to music and state trivia, and we think it’s more fun to listen to job descriptions than read them, so give it a listen and share!  

CHRIS:  Welcome to the Job Search SOS Podcast, which comes to you from a home studio.  Why is this relevant? Well, one of the hottest work-related topics to emerge full force from lockdown is Working From Home.  Some love it, some hate it, and some are fans of a hybrid schedule.  The workscape is changing, and there is no longer a one-size-fits-all schedule, even for traditional 9-to-5 businesses.  Companies have been forced into flexibility, and for some, this has been a blessing.  

NANCY:   For example, we have a client who exports foodstuffs around the world, whose department of 10 were able to stagger their work hours.  Those with families could take care of things, such as doctor visits, during the day, and worked evening hours to cover the needs of clients and colleagues in other time zones.  The manager no longer wants everyone having the same schedule, as this new arrangement has worked out better than anticipated!

CHRIS:  Companies have also been able to save money on office space, travel, and meetings.  While some facets of business are best conducted face-to-face, a lot can be done virtually.  Rotating skeleton crews also work well for smaller teams.  

NANCY:  And we all know the benefits for employees of working from home (although there are always exceptions); among them: no commuting…
CHRIS:  ...unless you cherish time alone in the car to listen to podcasts or audiobooks…
NANCY:  ...spending more time with family…
CHRIS: ...unless you hate them…
NANCY: ...working alone, on your couch, in your pajamas…
CHRIS:  ...unless you’re an extrovert who enjoys getting dressed up, changing your scenery, and interacting with colleagues 
NANCY: ...getting more done, with less interruptions
CHRIS: ...unless it’s become harder to connect with people when you need something, since you can’t just “pop in” to someone’s office…
NANCY:  ...and scene.  I’m sure you all get the picture.  

CHRIS:   Like we said, there’s no one-size-fits-all.  In this new environment, colleagues at all levels have to communicate in order to balance the needs of employees, customers and the business.  

NANCY:  This doesn’t mean everyone can stomp their feet and make demands.  Cooperation, compromise and flexibility are going to be important.

CHRIS:  Businesses need to stay on top of procedures to minimize service and product disruptions to their clients.  Not easy, we know.  Especially with the state of logistics right now. 

NANCY:  Employees will need to make sure work is getting done to prove they can be trusted to work unsupervised.  We’d like to avoid the sentiment of one of our clients who terminated his “working from home” policy because his last employee neglected the “working” part.

CHRIS: As with every relationship, openness and frequent communication about what is and isn’t working is crucial if businesses are going to retain the best employees and keep their clients happy.   And employees needn’t be hostile or defensive; approach your manager with tact, proof of your hard work, and intelligent argument for what you need.  They want you to be happy, never disgruntled, because finding good people isn’t easy.

NANCY:  As recruiters, we’re always trying to juggle the needs of our clients - the hiring companies - and the needs of our candidates.  It behooves us all for both parties to be happy with the results of a negotiation, so we encourage as many questions as necessary before anyone makes a decision.  

CHRIS:  Companies and candidates should give each other a chance to present what they each have to offer.  A candidate shouldn’t necessarily dismiss a company if they initially require working from an office all or most of the time, especially if the opportunity as a whole is appealing.  And a company shouldn’t dismiss a candidate who would like schedule flexibility.  It just might turn out to be what the company needs - for example, as we stated before, to have a different time zone covered.  Let the candidate share what they bring to the table!  Only after both sides are fully informed should any hiring decisions be made.  

NANCY:  We’re gonna leave it at that for now.  This topic has been covered ad nauseum over the past year and a half, but we would be remiss to not give our two cents.  Let us know how you feel about working from home and the new business environment in general, whether you run a company, just entered the workforce, work by yourself, or thrive on face to face interaction!

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