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Norse IoT Club: Making the Future
Norse IoT Club: Making the Future 21:08 Spooky Action: Quantum computing and the evolving computational revolution 25:00 Death Over Dinner: Taboo Topics at the Table 22:15 Election (In)security 24:45 The Eyes Have It 32:12 Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Digital Transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution 20:49 Women in Coffee: Documenting Disparity, Connections, and Change 26:01 Cloud Computing: On-demand and In-demand 9:13 Science Around Cincy: STEM with a twist 25:15 Healthcare Advocacy - adding clarity and understanding to a confusing medical landscape 15:00 IoT: Exploring the potential of the Internet of Things 20:45 Know Rivalry: What makes rivals? 27:30 Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities across business and society 15:14 Information Technology as a career 11:34 What is informatics? 10:40