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4 - Approaching New Pathways in Mental Health
August 30, 2018 Belli Research Institute
Many of us are familiar with some ideas, images, or theories of madness, “mental illness”, and perhaps also psychiatry, but feel a lingering skepticism and doubt about what they mean. In this episode, we will attempt to challenge common beliefs about mental health; present the problem of madness in an open, nuanced way informed by the voices and stories of people with lived experience; and to introduce the audience to alternative ways of responding to and approaching madness and to provide the materials and direction to help foster new discussions and practices in mental health (and hopefully some reading groups!). Go to for the free study guide. Songs used: Fizz "Submarine Intro"; King of Hearts Sountrack "La Valse Tordue"; 2 tracks produced and mixed by Sasha Durakov; Bud Powell "Polka Dots and Moonbeams"; Annie Ross "Twisted"; Luboš Fišer "Valerie a týden divů"
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