[BONUS] This podcast won't solve your problems­čś▓
Getting Vulnerable
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Getting Vulnerable
[BONUS] This podcast won't solve your problems­čś▓
Jun 09, 2022 Season 2 Episode 33
Lou Fitzpatrick

We often look for anything to help us 'get out' of the shitstorms inside out heads. The next best podcast, self-help book, masterclass, you name it, we've done it all right? But why isn't it giving you long-lasting results? Why can't you implement the 'next thing' for a decent amount of time before you're bored or over it? 

This episode I share a perspective on this and my hope, is to motivate you to catch yourself out, and start looking into do the deeper layer of work.

If you want support on this, come and join me over 2 weeks as I deliver the 'Out of Your Head & Into Your Life' program.

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Doors close on June 12th 2022 - we start 13th June 2022

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