3 things that helped me conquer anxiety & building confidence in yourself
Getting Vulnerable
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Getting Vulnerable
3 things that helped me conquer anxiety & building confidence in yourself
Mar 29, 2023 Season 2 Episode 46
Lou Fitzpatrick

In this weeks episode I share with you the 3 Steps that can help you build more confidence and start moving out of the anxious-shit-storm-cycle.

I think we can overcomplicate things when we have anxiety playing a part in our lives, or when we lack self-belief. 

We allow the outside world to take a hold 

We allow comparisonitis to take a hold 

We crave validation as a 'check-in' to make sure we are actually doing shit right. 

But what we forget is that we are all so different With different skills, personalities, upbringings, environments, different levels of support, We forget how bloody unique we each are And this is where we should be focussing our energy, time and learning.

We need to focus on our uniqueness in order to build more confidence. 

The ONLY way is this way. 

If we focus on comparing with the outside world, we won't build confidence, because we would be trying someone elses version on. Looking at the outside world is important but important for one thing. 

And that is inspiration & to remind you to get curious.

Turn your comparison into inspiration But focus your ENERGY & TIME on - Education/Training on learning YOU

- Trial & error on learning what works well for YOU

- Repeating over and over until you feel a 'fuck yeah'

- Use YOUR passion/determination in your learning to not ever give up

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