Through the Pickets

Episode 15 Gary Troup

June 02, 2022 NZCPA - New Zealand Cricket Players Association Season 1 Episode 15
Through the Pickets
Episode 15 Gary Troup
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This is Through the Pickets, a podcast proudly brought to you by the New Zealand Cricket Players Association where we showcase our members interests, achievements and experiences either side of the white picket fence, with more of a lens on their off-field endeavours.

Today’s Episode features a father of three who was born in Taumarunui and dedicated the bulk of his life serving the community of Papatoetoe where he moved to as a child. He was deputy and acting Mayor of Manukau City, Chairman of the Papatoetoe Community Board and councillor of the ward, and President of Auckland Cricket not to mention representing the Blackcaps from 1976-86. In his career he bowled in excess of 24,000 balls for a return of 438 wickets and most recently Gary Troup is giving back to the game as a Match Referee. 

How did Gary find the time to achieve what he has to date
Being on tour in the 1970s and 80s and communicating with your family
Being named on the Queen's Birthday Honours List in 2016
Playing for the Blackcaps 1976-1986 in one of the Golden Eras
First series win on home soil v West Indies 1980, The controversy, taking 10 wickets and getting NZ to victory with the bat in Dunedin
Being a Team Player, all the squad treated as equals
Life as a match referee and how umpiring hows changed over the years
Playing in the pre-professional era and the days before the NZCPA
Being professional would've given him more time to hone his skills
Juggling club and representative cricket, a job and family
Getting the call-up to play for New Zealand
Giving back to the community in particular Papatoetoe
Championing the development of The Kolmar Sports Complex
Doing a stint as a funeral director
One day the funeral hearse broke down
Working with Sir John Walker's Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation