Through the Pickets

Episode 17 Heath Mills

July 14, 2022 NZCPA - New Zealand Cricket Players Association Season 1 Episode 17
Through the Pickets
Episode 17 Heath Mills
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Today we have a special episode of Through the Pickets where we have deviated a little from one of our members and talk to the CEO of the New Zealand Cricket Players Associaition (NZCPA)  Heath Mills. He discusses the key points of the of the new master agreement just signed by New Zealand Cricket (NZC), The NZCPA and the six Major Associations, we hope you enjoy.  

Importance of having male and female players under the same agreement
Receiving 100% support and ratification from NZCPA members
Gender Pay Equity Expert Yolanda Beattie's Framework
The debundling of major sporting events
The impact of the increase in the Total Player Payment Pool and Revenue Share percentage for players
The impact this agreement has on the Personal Development space
The wholistic wrap around support of the Personal Development Porgramme
The Relationship and role of NZC, NZCPA and Six Major Associations
How far things have evolved since the NZCPA started in 2002 where players were receiving a small daily allowance
Semi professional athletes who are expected to train full time but paid the equivalent part time payments
Match fee parity wasn't the biggest focal point for NZCPA. Wanted a fair model in regards to total remuneration.
The difference in fees and game formats for male and female players
Biggest challenges in the role
Dealing with events such as The IPL stopping in India, The bomb threat in Pakistan and helping our members
What do you do in your downtime away from the NZCPA
NZCPA Patron Barry Sinclair MNZM passing away
What's coming up in the near future