Episode 27 - Advanced Nutrition & The Importance of Continuing Education with Stefan Ianev
Industry Leaders Podcast with Daine McDonald
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Industry Leaders Podcast with Daine McDonald
Episode 27 - Advanced Nutrition & The Importance of Continuing Education with Stefan Ianev
Feb 04, 2022 Season 3 Episode 7
Clean Health

Welcome to The Industry Leaders Podcast, where WBFF Pro Maria Birova chats to some of the brightest minds in the fitness industry! 
 This episode, we welcome Clean Health’s Head of Research and Development, Stefan Ianev.
Stefan has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. He is a natural bodybuilding champion, a global educator, a coach and nutrition specialist.
Stefan is the core curriculum developer for Clean Health and has been working on bringing some very exciting nutrition and training certifications to life over the last couple of months!
Tune in as we learn:    

  • How Stefan got started in the fitness industry 
  • Stefan’s advice for young trainers in the industry when it comes to their education 
  • The Clean Health difference when it comes to nutrition, training and education 
  • How your hormones can impact your body composition 
  • How the process of detoxifcation really works 
  • How to regulate your neurotransmitters 
  • Stefan’s top tips for keeping clients motivated and accountable as a PT or nutrition coach


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The Industry Leaders Podcast is designed for people interested in improving their body and mind... nutrition, training, business, mindset and longevity, we cover it all with world renowned experts each week.

It's hosted by Clean Health Founder, Daine McDonald, a former personal trainer and nutrition coach, who as CEO of one of the worlds largest fitness education providers, is responsible for educating over 70,000 coaches worldwide.

His team consists of industry experts such as Layne Norton PhD, Bill Campbell PhD, Hattie Boydle, Sebastian Oreb, Brian Mark, Jackson Peos PhD, Cole Dasilva and many more!

For more information visit: www.cleanhealth.edu.au