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The Holy Trinity of Real Estate - Real Insights Podcast #3 - From REMentor, of course.
May 14, 2018 Jeannie Orlowski, Jermaine Evans

Jeannie is back with another great episode. Joined once again by Jermaine as they engage in another conversation about the current real estate investment market, figuring out if the buyer’s broker is sharing communications with seller’s broker, raising closing cost at the closing table to pay your broker, and deal brokers at 12% cash on cash returns. 

When to show your underwriting skills, deciding when to buy properties or not, how to tell if the seller is really motivated, and the “holy trinity” of real estate deals. 

Join Dave Lindahl and Sugar Ray Leonard for the main event at Ultimate Partnering 2018 — Grow your business. Revolutionize your deal making. Increase your net worth. 

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