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Nick Aleks and Dolev Farhi -- GraphQL Security

November 01, 2022 Chris Romeo and Robert Hurlbut
The Application Security Podcast
Nick Aleks and Dolev Farhi -- GraphQL Security
Show Notes

Dolev Farhi is a security engineer and author with extensive experience leading security engineering teams in complex environments and scales in the Fintech and cyber security industries. Currently, he is the Principal Security Engineer at Wealthsimple. He is one of the founders of DEFCON Toronto (DC416). He enjoys researching vulnerabilities in IoT devices, participating in and building CTF challenges and contributing exploits to Exploit-DB.

Nick Aleks is a leader in Toronto's cybersecurity community and a distinguished and patented security engineer, speaker, and researcher. He is currently the Senior Director of Security at Wealthsimple, leads his security firm, ASEC.IO, and is a Senior Advisory Board member for HackStudent, George Brown, and the University of Guelph's Master of Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence programs. A founder of DEFCON Toronto, he specializes in offensive security and penetration testing. He has over ten years of experience hacking everything from websites, safes, locks, cars, drones, and even intelligent buildings.

Dolev and Nick join us to unpack the world of GraphQL security. We introduce GraphQL, threats, and mitigations to secure your GraphQL instances. We hope you enjoy this conversation with....Dolev and Nick.

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